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You can now eat, drink and read magazines on a domestic flight

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After nearly eight months of not serving food, drinks (except bottled water) or offering in-flight magazines due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travelers will be able to enjoy a range food offers when national airlines take to the skies this week. .

The government banned eating and drinking on local flights earlier this year. Travelers were also not allowed to bring their own food.

According to recent changes to the Disaster Management Act, the Department of Transport allowed prepackaged food service on board local flights – a major victory for catering companies contracted by airlines.

However, he noted that airlines must “take all risk mitigation, health and safety measures to contain the spread of Covid-19”. (sic)

In a statement, Airlink announced that it would resume catering from Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

AirLink CEO and CEO Rodger Foster welcomed the move.

“This means that we can once again offer AirLink customers our free, fresh and tasty dining services,” he said.

Other South African airlines have yet to announce when they will resume their on-board catering.

What to expect

Flight meals can be added to the cost of a traveller’s plane ticket or they can order meals or snacks on the flight and pay in cash.

Meals served are usually a light snack, sandwich, wrap or bun and a drink. Some airlines offer sandwiches, chocolates, chips, biltong, peanuts and more on their flights.

Airlines like Lift offered their passengers a wine tasting celebrating South Africa’s best wineries. It is not known if they will resume this service.

Magazines are back

Travelers will also be able to read their favorite in-flight magazines. There are certain conditions: they must “recover when they get on the plane”, not share them with other passengers and must be safely disposed of after the flight.

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