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Worried Mother Romantic Comedies Giving Daughter Unrealistic Media Career Standards

PROVIDENCE, RI — Local mother Kate Greenberg has expressed concern that the romantic comedy movies enjoyed by her daughter Naomi, 13, are giving her dangerously unrealistic media career standards, sources say.

“She came home from school yesterday saying she was looking forward to being a fashion magazine editor at 30, like in that Jennifer Garner rom-com I watched with her over the weekend. end,” Greenberg said, adding that Naomi begged her for Chanel boots like the ones Anne Hathaway wears. The devil wears Prada. “I had to sit her down and explain to her that even if she manages to land a writing job for a reasonably respectable website or magazine in her twenties, she’ll probably have to spend many years working her way up to the editorial office, and probably also won’t arrive every morning at his two closest colleagues sitting at his desk, drinking coffee and faithfully waiting to hear about the latest events in his love life.

Greenberg didn’t know when to start the conversation with her daughter about the beauty of every woman’s media career, not just the one Hollywood presents as the norm.

“She keeps saying that when she’s a successful reporter for a glossy monthly, she looks forward to spending six months researching a single story and giving it the thorough treatment it deserves,” said Greenberg, noting that assignments like this almost don’t exist anymore, let alone a stable writing job that can support the rent of a one-bedroom apartment with a dishwasher. “I think it’s great to aspire to that – I’m just afraid these films will plant the seeds of lasting insecurities as her early years trying to make it as a journalist in New York City don’t immediately land her her own Sunday column.”

Greenberg’s concerns were echoed by sources in the psychological community. Dr. Alexa Roberts of the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology told reporters that romantic comedies can instill harmful career image issues in teenagers who haven’t yet developed the confidence to love the job. media that they end up getting.

“These movies paint the roles of cushy editor or editor as the only options to achieve happiness, when in reality, many women enjoy careers in media as sponsored content creators, SEO experts, or writers. of those ‘All That’s Wrong With ‘Matrix: Resurrections’-type articles,” Dr. Roberts said, adding that seeing a single Vanessa Hudgens-type protagonist produce Marvel explainers could do wonders for the mental health of people. young women.”It’s so important that our girls see their future careers represented in all kinds of romantic comedies, girl movies and date movies.”

As of press time, Naomi was mentally preparing herself to fall for the handsome but workaholic architect she hoped to profile for her first major feature film.

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