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Workout motivation hacks and tricks to achieve your fitness goals!


The hardest part of training is getting started, especially at the start of the year! It seems that we are always looking for excuses to avoid training. Whether it’s work, family, friends, social time, it’s often easier to find reasons not to do this workout. It’s even harder to find the motivation to get started. With our tips and tricks, 2022 will be your year to reach your fitness goals and keep them consistent.

What if I told you there are ways to kick-start that workout and get you moving even when you’re not in the mood?

Here are five ways to get you working out. Let’s dive into it.

1. Ask your friends

Not to hang out, but to participate in your training! Having someone to hold you accountable is a great hack to keep you on track. Find a friend who has similar fitness goals and establish a plan. Check in with each other before, during and after your workouts if necessary.

By including someone in your journey, you’re more likely to enjoy your workouts and stay on track.

2. Find your inspiration

A great way to inspire yourself to exercise is to find inspiration! Scroll through social media and follow the accounts of people who are actively posting. Google a solid workout that you can do within a certain time frame or with specific equipment you have at home. Subscribe to a fitness magazine or visit your favorite fitness blog weekly.

Seeing others achieve their fitness goals and immerse themselves in fitness is a surefire way to kick yourself into high gear.

3. Treat yourself

Rewarding yourself after training is a proven way to get motivation. Book a special treat, gift, or trip to stay consistent or reach your goals. The trick is to indulge ONLY once you’ve completed your workout. You might be surprised how quickly your training time flies when you have something to look forward to. There’s a story floating around about a fitness guru having his cheat meal after 6 days of regular workouts. If he missed a day? No reward. Difficult, but the results are worth it!

Think about the meal you love the most and save it for a once-a-week outing. Or maybe you want some new workout gear, treat yourself after completing two weeks of training.

4. Reduce your workouts

We are all guilty of using the weather as an excuse not to train. Shortening your workouts and increasing the intensity not only benefits you physically, but you’ll be more likely to start. A quick search for HIIT workouts and you’ll find plenty of inspiration for home workouts with affordable gear and equipment.

Increasing the intensity also has the benefit of increasing your calorie burn and potentially improving your cardio strength. Think of it as doing more, in less time.

All the more reason to exercise.

5. Have the right gear on hand

A home gym is an affordable option and there are a variety of equipment with many uses that are easy to find and buy. Dumbbells are versatile, fitness balls are great for core workouts, and exercise mats will make any room ideal for your next HIIT workout. All of this can be had on a budget if needed.

Having the right equipment on hand is a great way to motivate yourself to train.

It is difficult to find time in the day to train. The tips above are a great way to get moving, stay healthy, and stay motivated!

Let’s go!

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