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For our cover story, Alison Cook takes a look at the local restaurant scene. During his illustrious career as a food writer, Cook has developed a set of criteria for what makes a restaurant fascinating. It’s not just the food, she says, but also the ambiance, the service, the attention to detail and the sense of community. In this issue of Page, we feature Cook’s list of Houston’s most interesting restaurants – 20 places that do things right, consistently. The beautiful photos of Annie Mulligan that accompany the list will make your mouth water and your stomach growls.

Food and Travel Editor-in-Chief Jody Schmal selected Houston’s best restaurants for our special issue on food. Emma Balter searches for 12 Houston bakeries you’ll want to visit again and again, while Greg Morago visits Houston’s most romantic restaurants. It also lets you know which signature dishes to order at upscale Houston restaurants when you want to go the extra mile.

At the end of July, I escaped to the Mediterranean, visiting the Greek Islands and Cyprus aboard a food cruise. Silversea’s new ship, Silver Moon, prides itself on a program that brings the flavors of the destination on board – in special menus and cooking classes, as well as excursions. Whether sipping lattes by the sea or eating squid on the beach, olives, figs and honey featured prominently in our indulgences. Join me for a culinary tour in this first gastronomic issue of Page magazine.

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