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Video evidence of haunted places around Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas has its fair share of hospitals, hotels, haunted houses; you name it. The inhabitants know Saint-Antoine Hospital, the Ranchotel, and the Herring hotel. Here are other abandoned places in Amarillo that might not be abandoned.

Garvey seed

The few comments on this video (which is nothing more than a slideshow of photos taken inside the building) mention that this place is haunted. The photos are actually quite interesting. Leave the video muted and skip the music. Sounds like something you would hear in a holistic center waiting for an organic goat cheese massage … or something like that.

Apartments in the old town

Here’s one for anyone hoping for something a little more “scary”. This video shows a paranormal investigation carried out in abandoned apartments in the old town. They claim to have captured multiple EVPs, and there are a lot of circles drawn in the photos. Be the judge of what is surrounded.

Summit Elementary School

There is an interview at the start of the video, but after that there are some really good shots from outside of Elementary Summit. There were several videos that were supposed to be from Summit, but the quality was so bad that there wasn’t much to see. In addition, in the comments it is mentioned that the building is now a church. This revelation (no pun intended) was given by someone who claims to have cleared it of spirits. All in the comments section of the video.


Motel des Chevaliers

I don’t know if this place is supposed to be haunted or not, but it is definitely abandoned. At least, for the most part. One of the coolest parts of the video is when a list of rules is discovered written on a wall.

Maybe it’s not so abandoned after all?

Herring hotel

Instead of being recorded on someone’s shaking cell phone, this one was actually made by a crew. They are guided through the building which is nice. There’s a bit of story given, and they get a lot of good streaks.

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