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Travel + Leisure recognizes Costa Rica’s Cayuga Hotel Group for its impact on more sustainable travel:

Cayuga Collection, a sustainable luxury hotel management company in Costa Rica, received an exclusive award from Travel + Leisure, a prestigious New York-based travel magazine with over 4.8 million readers.

Travel + Leisure presented Cayuga Collection with a Global Vision Award, a recognition given to businesses, individuals, destinations and organizations that strive to develop more sustainable and responsible travel products, practices and experiences. This award also assesses those who demonstrate thought leadership and creative problem solving; as well as taking concrete and quantifiable action to protect communities and environments around the world.

Some of the hotels in Cayuga include:

  • Arenas del Mar Resort Manuel Antonio
  • Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo
  • Pasha Beachfront Estate in Santa Teresa
  • Kura Hotel Uvita
  • Hotel Senda Monteverde
  • Hotel Grano de Oro in San Jose.

Hans Pfister, President of Cayuga Collection, mentioned how honored they feel after receiving this award. “This recognition shows that during the pandemic, we have not let up on our commitment to sustainability. On the contrary, we have reinforced it. This distinction is even more special, because the tourism industry has suffered greatly, but we continue to move forward by taking care of our people and our communities,” he added.

For Pfister, sustainability goes beyond mere words or a recycling program. It has implemented actions such as sourcing local materials and products, many of which are made to environmentally friendly standards.

Moreover, he understands the importance of investing in the community to bring about real change. This is precisely why training people in the middle for management and leadership positions is essential for the company.

One of the highlights cited by Travel + Leisure was the Arenas del Mar hotel, where a member of the team that built the property later became a chauffeur. Later, he became a bellhop and then a manager, as well as an entrepreneur and founded a transport company that offers airport transfers for guests.

The Cayuga team has worked tirelessly to be able to build this business model. Hans Pfister admitted it hasn’t been easy, but the reward has been worth it. He plans to continue his good work and improve in everything he can because the award his company has received only raises the bar in terms of principles and practices.

Progress and sustainability go hand in hand, and they often mean investing in people to make a difference in communities.

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes