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Top 5 Rethymnon Charming Destinations in Crete

Rethymnon is a very charming city. It is in the west of Crete and it is a magnet for both tourists and local residents of Crete, who want to enjoy their holidays living carefree moments. Although Rethymno was considered a small village for many years, in recent decades it has transformed into a beautiful, bustling city with several thousand inhabitants. The beauties of Rethymno, as well as its unique beautiful beaches, attract new visitors every year. But what are the destinations in Rethymno that foreigners and locals choose every summer? In this article, we will travel together to Rethymno, and you will receive the absolute 5 best destinations for this summer.

  1. bali
    Bali is a seaside village in Rethymno which is an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful holiday with family or friends. Bali has four bays, forming sandy beaches and green water. The beaches are generally calm, as their orientation is western. The bays of Bali are Livadi, Varkotopos, Limani and Karavostasis. All are child friendly and well organized. In addition, inside the sea there are several springs through which the water is renewed and remains fresh. Bali offers a wide variety of taverns, restaurants, small shops, diving schools and bars. In the evening you can sip your drink while dancing to the rhythms of the island, while in the morning you can quietly enjoy your walk or rest drinking a coffee and enjoying the view of the place.

  2. Agia Galini
    Agia Galini is a popular resort in Rethymno with a long history. It started out as a small fishing village, which, however, after the 60s turned into a favorite destination for hippies, the flower children. Today Agia Galini is a tourist resort. You will find several options in terms of accommodation, dining, entertainment and shopping. However, there are many options for beaches where you can swim. In particular, it is worth visiting the homonymous beach of Agia Galini. However, in Agia Galini there are boats that can take you to the beautiful beaches of Agia Galini. Boats run to nearby beaches, such as Agios Georgios, Agios Pavlos and Preveli. Opposite Agia Galini are the Paximadia Islands, which you can get to by boat. In fact, in these two islets there is an unknown beach with pebbles.

  3. The Peach
    Rodakino is a beautiful seaside village southeast of Rethymno. Despite having some of the most beautiful beaches, this village in Rethymnon has not been particularly developed, maintaining its traditional shape and serenity. Rodakino beaches start with Korakas beach. It is a large and beautiful beach with fine pebbles and magnificent crystal clear waters, well organized with umbrellas and tavernas. It is also worth visiting by boat other nearby beaches of Rodakino where you can discover the hidden beauties of the place. Finally, don’t forget to taste raki, the traditional alcoholic drink that accompanies tasty appetizers.

  4. Preveli
    Preveli Beach, also known as Preveli or Finikas Lake, is located at the outlet of the so-called Big River. This beach in southern Crete receives thousands of visitors every summer. It used to be a favorite destination for hippies. The Grand Fleuve forms a small lake 500 km long at its exit to the sea with water all year round. You can walk along the river and start climbing the beautiful gorge. In the vast expanses of lakes that form from time to time, you can take a cool bath. The beauty and magic of the place will surely not disappoint you!

  5. Plakias
    Plakias was a small fishing village at the end of the 20th century, which has developed over the last decades in terms of tourism. It is now a popular seaside resort and an excursion point for the natural beauties of the region. In this village of Rethymno you have many options, as the town is well organized with many hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, water sports, diving centers and organized beaches.

Rethymnon therefore has many beauties that are worth seeing. This article has provided a list of the absolute top 5 destinations for this summer. So, if you want to explore Rethymno and its charming villages, all you need to do is book a ticket to Rethymno right away.

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