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Top 5 Fashion Design Colleges in China


The fashion industry is one of the most popular industries in the world. The industry has not only left an indelible mark on popular culture across the world, but has also repeatedly wowed everyone with its unusual concepts. It cannot be denied that for a very long time fashion shows have become the de facto engagement with the masses. If you are trying to stand out in the fashion industry, these top Chinese universities will help you make your dream come true. We have put together a list of the best colleges in the country which are the best in every way.

  1. Beijing Fashion Institute of Technology
    One of the best places in the country to learn about fashion is none other than the Beijing Fashion Technology Institute. The institute’s fashion school has become a benchmark for learning about new trends in the country. Founded in 1987, the school has 5 majors and 13 directions for coursework for all undergraduates. A very differentiating aspect of the school of education is that it encourages knowledge innovation in the field of fashion. With international cooperation with France, Italy, Canada, Korea and Germany, the institute is perfect for studying the heart of the fashion industry.

  2. Donghua University
    Donghua University was also known as the China Textile University. Established in 1951, the learning center is located in downtown Shanghai. Since its inception, the university has become one of the key universities for learning the fashion business in the country. With more than 30,000 students participating in the program each year, the institute also has around 2,800 faculty members and around 100 links with universities abroad. The school of education also provides research facilities in areas such as fashion, textiles, and materials that help students further their careers.

  3. Zheijiang University of Science and Technology
    Zheijiang University of Science and Technology is another prominent institute for studying fashion in China. The university offers a fashion design and engineering course that focuses on training international talent capable of bringing about change in the fashion world. With over 1200 staff, 850 teachers and 100 professors, the learning center has so far set a high benchmark ahead of other institutes. In addition, as the leading university in the country, the institute strives to provide moral education by strengthening the core of students. All of this and many more have made the university a perfect choice for every candidate.

  4. Shannxi University of Science and Technology
    Shannxi University of Science and Technology was founded in 1958. One of the main aspects of the University is that it has experienced tremendous growth since its establishment to achieve the crown of glory. There are over 18,000 undergraduates, 3,000 graduates and 1,200 faculty members who specialize in various disciplines. The university has various master’s, undergraduate and doctorate degrees. programs that help students easily achieve their professional development. With so much exposure and learning opportunities, the college has become a number one in promoting excellence in fashion.

  5. Yanbian University
    For all students who wish to pursue a career in the field of fashion, Yanbian University is the first choice. The educational institution has everything under its wings to help students easily gain work experience. From top-notch faculties, excellent education, research opportunities to faculty supervision, the university has you covered. The fashion design program in college is also highly regarded. All of this, along with the percentage placement records, make the college a top choice for international and domestic students. The institute was established in 1992 and has since laid a huge foundation in terms of quality education.

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