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A former Oil City resident has compiled an extensive portfolio over the past few years as his photography hobby has grown into a passion.

Rick Fesenmyer, a 1977 graduate of Oil City High School, born in Oil City and having lived there for many years, moved to Naples, Florida eight years ago.

He received a Nikon camera as a Christmas present shortly after moving to Naples, and since then his camera has been a constant companion.

Fesenmyer has taken numerous online and in-person classes, and instructors have told him that “the best way to improve is to get out there and take pictures and know what your camera can do.”

Fesenmyer has certainly taken that advice to heart, and some of his photos from Naples are currently featured in the winter edition of Marinalife Magazine.

Marinalife, which has billed itself as the premier lifestyle and travel magazine for boaters since 2000, is a quarterly publication distributed across the United States.

“It was quite an honor for me to have my photos included with the subscription of (the magazine’s) readership in the thousands,” Fesenmyer said.

Fesenmyer also won The Derrick’s Best of 2018 photo contest with a photo he took of the National Transit Building during one of his trips back to Oil City.

He returns here to visit his father, Ted, and he says that “when I’m home, I take my cameras and go out to capture photos that I think are indicative of the area.”

A photo he took last year was of an old clawfoot tub used as a drinking water source along the road to Two Mile Run County Park.

Fesenmyer sold a few prints to people who were originally from the area but now live elsewhere.

“They tell me it brings back fond memories of the area they love,” Fesenmyer said. “I agree and I also have this photo at home.”

He said his “favorite camera” is the Nikon D7000 “which has been around for years and takes great pictures without too much editing.”

Fesenmyer added that his photos, including a black and white photo of the Grand Tetons, have been reviewed and complimented by many professionals.

He’s traveled across the United States, from the east coast to the west coast, and he said his wide-ranging photos ranged from “mountain goats, bison, elk and moose to magnificent Mount Rainier.”

“I’ve been up close with alligators, witnessed the beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, and filmed the vibrant South Beach/Miami nightlife,” he added.

Sharing his thoughts with the newspaper, Fesenmyer said, “Who knows where my next adventure will take me? Wherever it is, I’m sure I’ll have my cameras and gear when I go.

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