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February 5, 2019

Ferratum Bank offers you online loans and money instantly. Enjoy your first free loan with Ferratum Bank. Get the money you need quickly thanks to your loans instantly, and with the possibility of extension. Apply now for your micro loan of up to € 300 or, if you prefer, your line of credit up to € 1,000 for whatever you want. It’s fast, easy and 100% online! In 3 steps you will have the money in your account.

What services does offer?


In Ferratum Bank you can enjoy personalized loans online, so you have the option of requesting a micro loan to get a small amount to pay an unforeseen expense or request a line of credit if you need to have more money.

You decide how and when, at Ferratum Bank they will adapt to your Polonius Polonius.

  • Request your micro loan up to € 300 free if it is your first request. You can take charge of Polonius punctual or unforeseen expenses. It’s fast, easy and 100% online, as we said, and with the security and confidentiality you deserve.
  • Request your line of credit up to € 1,000. With flexible return in installments from € 75 per month. You will have money for when you need it and you can use it all or only one part and return it, or reuse it. You decide that. The best thing is that you will only pay for the money you use, so request your line of credit now and start enjoying it.

How does it work?

At Ferratum Bank you will have online loans instantly, and with total comfort, since the entire procedure is 100% online.

In 3 simple steps you can already enjoy your money.

  • Select the loan you need, be it a micro loan or a line of credit, and complete the application with the required data. Then, send it.
  • In a matter of minutes you will know if they approved the loan
  • Immediately afterwards you will receive the requested money in your bank account

At Ferratum Bank, they specialize in personal loans, quick loans, mini loans, instant loans and quick money. Use the loan simulator and you will find what you need, an online loan with the best conditions.

To apply for the loan as we said you just have to follow the steps: choose the money you need and for how many days, complete the form with your data and identify yourself online.

You can request money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so when you need it, you know. As soon as they approve your loan they will make an instant transfer of the requested money, and you will be able to enjoy it in just 10 minutes from the confirmation.


Calculate your microloan or line of credit!

Calculate your microloan or line of credit!

If you need a quick and urgent loan, you can request a Ferratum Bank micro loan:

  • First loan: From € 50 to € 300
  • Next loans: From € 50 to € 700

If you request a loan of up to € 500, you can return it within a minimum period of 5 days and a maximum of 30 days. But, if the amount you request is greater than € 500, you will have a maximum of 45 days to repay it. At Ferratum Bank they are more flexible.

Regarding the Ferratum Bank credit line:

  • You can request from € 200 to € 1,000

In the application table you will see the maximum limit, the withdrawal charge, the daily interest, the first due date and the first minimum payment.

Once informed and if you agree, you can proceed and request the line of credit.

How to repay the loan?

How to repay the loan?

Ferratum Bank makes it easy for you to return the loans you request with them, and for that reason you can make the payment through the option that is most comfortable for you.

  • From your personal area. With your mobile phone and pin you choose to pay and instant payment to access your online banking and pay the loan through the Trustly system.
  • With your bank card (from the second loan). Use your card to pay it.
  • With bank transfer. Enter or transfer the funds to the account of Banco Santander, with your mobile phone or DNI in concept and Ferratum as beneficiary.

If you pay your loan on time you can earn the trust of the financier and request a new loan without problems. On the other hand, remember that you can not request two credits at a time, but first you must have paid the previous one to request a new one.

Of course, it is important that you are aware of the day that the repayment term of the loan expires, so that you can make the payment just in time. Otherwise the amount will increase as the days go by, until finally you pay the debt.

Do you need an extension?

If you need a few more days to pay your loan you can request an extension at Ferratum Bank for 15 more days. When in doubt, if you believe that you will not be able to pay on time, it is better to request an extension, you will be calmer and you will avoid that your debt will increase.

It should be noted that the extension has a cost, amounting to 10% of the amount requested plus the cost of the loan. You can apply for it in customer service and you will have to pay it within a maximum of 5 days after the loan expires.

If you have problems to pay your loan you can request an extension of it up to 2 times for 15 days, with which you will have a total of 30 extra days to pay the debt.


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