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Style Pete Davidson: ‘My relationship with fashion is casual and I don’t think too much’

In fact, his styleless style is so in tune with the looks top designers present on the catwalks that he just landed a new role as the face of H&M. Here he talks to QG on his personal approach to style, as well as why he didn’t really venture far from the way he dressed as a kid.

I’m not really sure I could choose a specific way to describe my style. I think I’ve always been someone who’d rather get rid of my clothes and go about my day.

I have a specific uniform. Hats, soft T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers make up my everyday look. It depends on the day, but I prioritize comfort above all else and I’m usually a bit daring in what color I choose as well. I will try different looks, but convenience and fit are most important to me when it comes to dressing.

Dior and Thom Browne were great to work with. They dressed me for the times I was invited to the MET. H&M is my daily reference.

My motto is simply to wear what makes you feel good. It’s so simple. If you think you want to wear it and feel good in it, then wear it. When someone described my style as “Scumbro”, I would say, “You just called me a Scumbro, how do you think I feel?” »

“Wearing that feeling” pretty much sums up how I live my life. My relationship with fashion is casual and this H&M campaign reflects that: I don’t think too much, I have fun, I’m cool and comfortable.

If you saw my closet, you might call me a sneakerhead. H&M has some shitty shoes I’ve been wearing lately.

I probably wore something that I regretted. But why live in the past?

I dress pretty much like when I was a kid. If I see something I like that’s comfortable with lots of color, I wear it. That hasn’t changed.

Currently, Sebastian Stan has the best style. He has that swagger in everything he wears. Have you seen his bright pink suit at the MET? He has class !


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