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Shelton Wilder markets himself as Wild on the Westside and just leveled up by teaming up with the Estate Manager Coalition

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Shelton Wilder is selling like Wild in LA’s Westside and just took it to the next level by partnering with the LA Estate Manager Coalition for Spring 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 11, 2022 / — The CEO of Shelton Wilder and Luxury Realtor has partnered with the Estate Manager Coalition of Los Angeles. EMC is thrilled to have Shelton Wilder added to the family. The Estate Managers Coalition is hosting its first event in years on April 13, 2022, featuring another prominent member of the Beverly Hills BMW family. It will be an exciting evening of networking, food, drink and music. Beverly Hills BMW launches the Ultimate Electric Driving Machine, the iX M60 and i4 M50. Discover the cutting-edge performance, unparalleled luxury and next-generation performance that come together seamlessly in the all-electric BMW iX and i4. The iX M60 and i4 M50 are 100% electric and 100% BMW.

Shelton Wilder is honored and thrilled to be part of this exclusive and distinguished EMC community. The EMC was started by a group of property managers who recognized the need for fellow industry professionals to join forces to better share our industry’s jobs, suppliers and knowledge. As a growing entity, we set the standards for our members and help elevate the lifestyle of our employers. The expectation of excellence within the group is not just a notion, but a requirement.

Shelton Wilder is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but loves Los Angeles like only a native can. During her fifteen years on the Westside, Shelton developed a nuanced understanding of the complex and often bewildering patchwork of Los Angeles neighborhoods, schools and cultures.

In just over six years as a real estate agent – ​​but much longer as a serial entrepreneur in marketing, fashion and entertainment – ​​Shelton has achieved a staggering total revenue of $250 million, which puts her in the top 1.5% of real estate agents nationwide. Shelton has also been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by the LA Business Journal, named Real Estate All-Star by Los Angeles Magazine, and included in the Real Estate Express article: “Five Talented Women Making Waves.”

While specializing in luxury residential and commercial properties in Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Mar Vista, Venice and Beverly Hills, Shelton will go wherever her clients have interests.

Buying a home is often the biggest purchase – and investment – of a person’s life. It’s also one of the most intense experiences of a person’s life, especially in the increasingly competitive Los Angeles market. Shelton is committed to making the process as easy as possible. Her compassion, patience, exuberance and kindness set her apart from many others with relatively keen business acumen and vigorous negotiation skills.

Whether it’s a first-time buyer on a first home or an experienced investor purchasing a third residence, Shelton is also dedicated to helping clients realize their dreams. This unparalleled devotion, born of a genuine desire to serve others, explains why 99% of Shelton’s business comes from referrals or past clients. The testimonials say it all: when you hire Shelton once, you’re part of his extended family and a customer for life. His relationship-centric approach also explains Shelton’s success in getting “off-market” listings. With inventory at an all-time low, hidden lists regularly come in from former clients and associates who trust him and recognize both his integrity and professionalism.

Clients also benefit from Shelton’s superb aesthetic sense and extensive fashion experience (she has launched several fashion-focused businesses, one of which appeared on Shark Tank). While she calls on the expertise of the best directors in the industry, Shelton brings her imagination, as well as her passion for decoration and design, to every announcement. This loving and enthusiastic attention to the smallest details makes each client feel like they’re in their corner, because they are.

Shelton is the proud mother of two beautiful boys (Beau and Lane) and the wife of longtime Los Angeles lawyer and tennis enthusiast and Rams fan, Clark. In addition to volunteering at her son’s elementary school, Shelton also donates her time and resources to PS Arts, The Alexandria House, LA Food Bank and Upward Bound House. In her spare time, she enjoys dining with her wonderful friends and coworkers and indulging in vacations at her favorite place in the entire world, Los Angeles.

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