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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu flaunts dashing looks in ARENA Homme+ magazine image

Leaving fans in awe of his manly aura, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu managed to land another illustrated interview with ARENA Homme+!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu turns to a simple and casual concept to flaunt his stunning physique in his recent shoot with ARENA Homme+.

The dazzling idol effortlessly graced the pages of the fashion magazine with her flawless beauty and incredibly appealing visuals. The relaxed CEO-inspired concept perfectly matches Mingyu’s real-life personality. Photos are solid proof that he looks great no matter what outfit he wears, be it colorful or monochromatic.

Shot in simple sets, the charming idol created an alluring and sophisticated atmosphere with her unconventional poses and bold body language. The chic style made him stand out even more, while the different stylish hairstyles he tried added more charm to the concept of the photoshoot.

The gestures he created with his hand gave him more appeal. They also increased Mingyu’s attractiveness, proving the effectiveness of his throwing abilities. Anyone who looks at his photos will surely develop an interest in him.

While sporting deep and intense looks, Mingyu was also able to capture fans’ attention with her mesmerizing expressions and sculpture-like facial features. The natural look he chose made fans admire his appearance even more, while his manly aura complemented the overall vibe of the shoot.


In an accompanying interview, Mingyu shared his thoughts on SEVENTEEN’s album-making process as well as its main driving force.

Mingyu ARENA Men+

Speaking about SEVENTEEN’s sincerity about their craft, the dazzling idol said that the albums they release aren’t just about music, so public expectations of their releases are always high.

“They not only contain music, but also images for jackets, visuals such as costumes, as well as stage performances. You have to build them to a level where they can be applauded by the audience, and then you have to make them consistent. This work is always difficult,” Mingyu said.

When asked what was the driving force behind a rookie’s enthusiasm, Mingyu chose the love of his fans.

“What we do, there are no fixed numbers. I feel a sense of accomplishment in loving CARATs, so my greed is endless,” he shared.

Mingyu ARENA Men+

Fans can learn more about Mingyu’s meaningful interview and see more of his stylish looks by picking up a copy of ARENA Homme+’s February 2022 issue.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN recently released their Japanese single “Power of Love,” as a way to wrap up their 2021 project of the same name.

Source: HeraldPop

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