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Schools in the region will close on Monday

The children of Alexandria are thrilled! Parents: Not so much.

Alexandria City Public School students will return to school virtually on Monday, January 3. CSGA made the announcement Sunday night ahead of a forecast snowstorm that could dump several inches of wet, heavy snow in the mid-Atlantic region.

Public schools in Fairfax County will also be closed on Monday and there will be no virtual learning for students.

CSGA students will be returning to school virtually, as the students brought home their virtual learning devices at the start of winter break.

According to CSGA:

  • Class hours will include virtual office hours led by a teacher and asynchronous instructional hours. Asynchronous learning occurs when students learn the same material but at different times and places without live instruction.
  • Students will have access to assignments, applications and resources through Canvas and / or Clever.
  • No new content will be taught.

Public schools in Arlington County are also closed Monday and students will not learn virtually there.

The rain is expected to turn to snow between 4 and 6 a.m., with snow until noon Monday. Temperatures will be between 30 and 35 degrees.

“The largest snowfall totals will be in the Appalachians and the mid-Atlantic, where accumulations of 2 to 5 inches are possible. Some places might see more than 5 inches if the rain turns to snow and gets heavy at times. Atlantic should prepare for the impacts of travel Monday morning, potentially including from Richmond, Va., Washington, DC and Baltimore, ”according to The Weather Channel.

The National Weather Service says accumulations of 3 to 7 inches are possible.

The extra day away from buildings could help alleviate the region’s increasingly dire COVID-19 situation, giving travelers an extra day to find tests. The DC metro area is among the hardest hit in the United States right now. In Virginia, nearly 2,500 people hospitalized are positive for COVID-19 and 2,729 hospital beds available statewide. Less than 500 of these beds are intensive care beds.

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