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Rainy days in Seabrook are magical | Travel

Washington’s beaches are wild, generally windy, and beautiful year-round. There’s something therapeutic about admiring the sights and sounds of the Pacific, even if you have to wear your winter jackets, boots and a warm hat to do so.

You see, if you’re waiting for a sunny, warm day on the Washington coast, you’ll be waiting a long time. It is not uncommon to look for sweaters in August. If you know, you know.

But rainy days at the beach are also magical.

A recent announcement of a quick trip to Seabrook, a picture-perfect town near Pacific Beach, prompted a friend’s remark, “but it’s going to be so rainy and cold.” And she wasn’t wrong. But boy, the trip did not disappoint.

Seabrook was busy despite the gloomy forecast. The beaches were open for knife digging and people were determined to push to their limits. The rain was beating down, and the dogs and their people were still walking, both sometimes wearing raincoats.

The rain clouds would part and the streets would fill with kids on bikes, babies in strollers, and even a child piloting his drone in the park.

The stores were full of people browsing and laughing. Things are slower at the beach. Brooklets Toys was popular with families looking for rainy day games. Joy of Books: The Joy of Books bookstore was also bustling with people – there’s nothing like curling up by a fire with a good read.

People walked through the forest on the Gnome Trail checking out the little habitats that others before them have built along the way. The trees kept most of the rain out and splashing in the mud puddles is fun. Ask any child.

When the rain cleared, burgers and fish and chips from the Rising Tide Tavern were eaten outside on a picnic table while watching guests sing karaoke. Others enjoyed wine flights and charcuterie board bites at Stowaway Wine Bar (it’s moved and now has stellar ocean views). Later, the indoor pool and hot tub made the chills disappear.

And at night, when you’re snuggled up in a little cottage on the beach or in a big house full of people you love, playing board games or watching a movie, the rain may start to fall and the wind may start whipping and screaming. But it’s cozy. And in the morning, when the sun rises, the walk on the beach will be even more pleasant. Maybe you’ll find a coveted glass float. Or maybe another treasure. I told you it was magic.

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes