It’s a beautiful spring day in Los Angeles and Tracy Tutor oversees the renovation of a stunning 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival home. Yet this isn’t just another listing for the real estate powerhouse and “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star, it’s the Tutor’s dream home.

After divorcing her husband Jason Maltas in 2018 after 13 years of marriage and selling their Brentwood home in 2019, Tutor’s final resting place marks a new chapter in her life. She bought the house last year and embarked on a renovation that involves gutting the entire house from top to bottom.

“Everything is falling into place for me. It’s like a rebirth,” said Tutor, 46. People magazine in September last year, shortly before the show’s Season 13 premiere. She describes the show’s final season as “emotional”, with the addition of her eldest daughter, Juliet, 16, and Tutor’s boyfriend, Erik Anderson, 26, a personal trainer. Her youngest daughter, Scarlett, 14, is an accomplished rider who has yet to appear on the show.

Although Tutor exudes confidence and power on television, she admits to having her own moments of vulnerability. She says it took her years to learn to trust her instincts and stay true to herself. In his book, “Fear Is Just a Four Letter Word: How to Build the Unstoppable Confidence to Own Any Coin” (Portfolio, July 2020), and online workshops offered at, Tutor shares these lessons and other critical lessons she has learned. navigate the competitive world of real estate.

Whether women work in real estate or another field, are just starting their careers, re-entering the workforce, or are established in their careers and want to identify their next level and how to get there , Tutor offers inspiration.

“The workforce is very competitive now,” says Tutor. “I’ve had wonderful mentors in my life and I believe in mentoring other women who want to be successful.”

Part of what Tutor has mastered, and hopes to pass on to other women, is the importance of identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and getting to know the unique qualities you bring to the table.

“I used to think that if I had done something different, maybe a client would have hired me,” says Tutor. “But in trying to be someone else, I was also losing people who were attracted to me for who I am.”

Tutor says her book contains many lessons she wishes she had known when she was just starting out, such as how to handle a confrontation, not second-guess herself, and how to channel negative energy productively.

“My mantra is practice makes almost perfect,” says Tutor. “I encourage women to face their fears – raise your hand in a meeting if you’ve never spoken before or raise a toast at a birthday party if speaking in public terrifies you.”

The tutor recommends surrounding yourself with people you admire who think big and those who have been able to bounce back from setbacks.

“One of my best mentors was Drew Fenton, a very successful luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles,” says Tutor. “He is ten years younger than me, but he has a different vision of real estate. I learned so much from him.

Over the years, Tutor has also cultivated her own personal style, which includes the iconic stiletto heels that she says make her feel “powerful.”

“I used to try to dress in a certain way that I thought would reflect what my clients were looking for in an agent,” says Tutor. “Yet I was actually losing people for whom I had nothing to change.”

Tutor says embracing her authentic self and strong sense of style, which allows her to be “sexy and smart at the same time,” has also boosted her confidence.

“As I note in my book, I want women to wear whatever makes them feel confident, so they can walk into a room and own it,” Tutor says. “Knowing your room requires preparation, evaluation and listening, in order to be successful. »

His life, his conditions

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Tutor never imagined that she would one day sell million-dollar properties in her hometown.

As a child, the gorgeous blonde was more interested in singing and dancing than selling Barbie’s Dream House. After graduating with a Bachelor of Theater Arts from the University of Southern California (USC), she appeared in a few films before taking a job at her father Ronald’s company, Tutor Perini Corporation, one of largest construction companies in the United States. .

Exposed to the real estate market from a young age, Tutor learned the secrets of real estate transactions by watching her father buy properties in Palm Springs, Sun Valley, Idaho, Las Vegas, Nevada and Golden Beach, Florida.

Three years later, she went to work at a residential real estate company before moving on to her current job as a broker with Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills. In 2017, she took her career to the next level when she joined the cast of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” in their 10th season, as the show’s first and only female realtor.

Stepping out of her comfort zone has become second nature to Tutor. She is always looking for ways to grow her business. After being introduced to her co-star Fredrik Eklund’s sister, Malin Eklund and her business partner, Lisa Agerman, Tutor partnered with the two in their new wine venture.

“Un’sweet is a California wine free of sugar and unnecessary additives,” says Tutor. “It’s not about diet, it’s about transparency. There are nutrition labels on sodas and lemonade, but none on wine. Unlike other wines, Un’sweet wine bottles are labeled with serving facts, so customers know exactly how many carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and calories they’re consuming.

Tutor says that while she enjoys drinking wine as part of her daily relaxation process, she also appreciates the honest labeling that Un’sweet offers.

“I want a glass of wine that I enjoy, but I don’t want a glass that has the same ingredients as a bowl of ice cream,” she says.

Un’sweet ( has two products: a Pinot Grigio and a Cabernet Sauvignon and will soon be available nationwide.

Prepare for challenges

Tutor starts each day with an early morning workout at Dogpound, the exclusive Los Angeles gym frequented by celebrities.

“I get up at 5:15 a.m., drink my inflammation-reducing celery juice, then enjoy a cup of vitamin coffee, before arriving at the gym at 6:15 a.m.,” she says. “I believe in starting the day doing something good for myself, both mentally and physically.”

Tutor does 45 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 45 minutes of weights, a routine she says helps her achieve balance.

“There are a lot of ups and downs in real estate,” she admits. “You can have multiple failed cases, which is overwhelming, but for me, exercise isn’t just about maintaining good health, it also clears my mind.”

Tutor also enjoys relaxing by spending quality time with his two daughters.

“During the pandemic, I’ve been working from home more often and I think that’s given them a different perspective on what I’m doing,” says Tutor. “Seeing me work made them see why I can’t always be at every volleyball practice, but it also gave us more time together.”

While Season 14 of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” has not been officially confirmed, the hit series is expected to return later this year. In the meantime, Tutor takes care of his real estate career, oversees the renovation of his new home, and travels to give motivational speeches based on the premise of his book.

Given the success of his first book, could a second manuscript be in preparation?

“I definitely see another chapter there,” Tutor said with a smile.

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes