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April 7, 2019

Why choose loan?

Solcredito personal loans and fast loans. Apply today for your flexible personal loan, and return it between 5 and 90 days, with a minimum APR of 0%, and a maximum of 1,009.48%. Benefit from a credit of up to € 800 if you are a new customer and up to € 10,000 if you are a regular customer.


In Solcredito.es you can compare loans with total transparency and no small print, because Solcredito is legit, and offers very flexible personal loans.

You will not have extra expenses or commissions, as long as you comply with the agreed fees.

Likewise, the interest rate is fixed individually, and will depend on the results obtained by the borrower during the credit verification.

What services does loan offer?

Solcredito.es is a platform of the most complete, offering all types of loans and credits. Whatever you need, you will find it. In solcredito forum you can learn more about this financial and its reputation.

If you are looking for a loan you have a choice between personal loans, quick loans, online loans, urgent loans, loans without payroll, fast loans with ASNEF, immediate loans and mini loans.

If you need a credit you have the options of fast credit, fast credit online, fast credit without documentation, immediate credit, easy credit, personal loans, asnef credit, online mini credit without paycheck, mini credits without payroll and mini fast credits.

Apply for your loan or credit in just 4 steps:

  • Choose your loan
  • Send the request
  • Wait response, in less than 15 minutes you will have it
  • Get your money

Thanks to your loan comparison you will always find the best options to get it. And you can do all this from your PC and also from your mobile.
In addition, you can get loans and credits without endorsement, payroll or paperwork.

It is important that you take into account before confirming your loan application the amount of money, the interest rate, the term offered, and therefore, the value of the loan.
As we said, solcredito is reliable, of course.

What requirements do you need to apply for a loan?

What requirements do you need to apply for a loan?

To apply for your loan with Solcredito.es you will need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • You must reside in Spain
  • Have an account in a national bank
  • Be of legal age, and between 18 and 80 years old
  • Have your ID up to date
  • An email address for your account
  • A mobile contact

In solcredito my account will find all the information about your profile and your credits.

How does loan work?

How does loan work?

As we said, in just 4 steps you can enjoy your loan or credit.

STEP 1: Choose the loan

One of the most important steps to apply for a loan is to know how to choose it, so think it over and depending on what you need, adjust the amount of money you need and the time it will take to return it.

If it’s your first time at Solcredito.es you can only apply for loans from € 50 to € 800, and make the repayment of the loan in a maximum of 30 days.

When you spend more time and have enjoyed the loan services on this website, you can extend your credit limit, even reaching up to € 10,000 to pay off up to 5 years.


Everything works 100% online so the application will send it directly through the web. You will save time and unnecessary paperwork, and you will receive a response to your request quickly.


Solcredito.es will compare the best loan offers according to your criteria, and then offer you an answer to your loan request in just 15 minutes.


When your application has been approved you will have your money available quickly.
Usually it usually takes a couple of hours but it may take up to 24 hours, although no more than that. If you are a regular customer you will receive your money in practically 5 minutes.

Calculate your loan and request it

At Solcredito.es it is very easy to request a loan or credit.
Simply use the calculator and set the money and the time of return to know all the details of the loan.

How much money do you want?

You can request from € 50 to € 800 if it is your first request. After the amount will be extended to € 10,000.

How long do you want to return it?

You will have a term of amortization of the loan from 5 days to 30 days. Being a regular customer besides the mini credits you can also request personal loans to return up to 5 years.

When you have the amount of money and the term to return it, you will be able to see the conditions of your loan, as well as the interest. Then you will only have to click to request it.

According to clients, the entire process of both application and approval is very fast, only 15 minutes, which makes it a financial to be taken into account.

How to repay the loan?

To return a loan that you have requested in Solcredito.es you will have to do it as specified in the contract of the institution that has granted you this loan.

Solcredito.es provides us with all the options for loans and credits, so at the time of returning the loan we will have to take into account the signed in each case.

Breach of contract

In case of not paying in time and form the fees established in the loan contract you will have to face additional charges. If you need a postponement, charges will also be generated, although it is always better not to pay. So, if you think you will need more time to repay your loan, request an additional term to repay it.

Loyalty program

One of the advantages offered by Solcredito.es to its new customers is the first loan at 0% interest, which is an aspect to consider if we are thinking of applying for a loan.

The first loan will be a maximum of € 800 to return it in 30 days, although with the loyalty program as you apply for new loans and return them on time your confidence index will rise and you can get up to € 10,000 to repay it in 5 years.


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