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5 Reasons You Must Visit Newburgh Waterfront

Located about an hour north of New York City, Newburgh Waterfront is known to be one of the top culinary destinations in the Hudson Valley and upstate New York. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, especially with my friends from the city, when they’re heading up to the Hudson Valley to take in all it has to offer. Here are five reasons why you need to experience Newburgh’s waterfront restaurants for yourself!

#1: Beautiful views from this hidden gem
Just a few blocks from downtown, waterfront restaurants like The River Grill and Billy Joe’s Ribworks offer some of the best river views. Grab a table at one of these waterfront restaurants and you can see the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and the town of Beacon across the Hudson River. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Hudson Valley. Plan your visit in advance, as parking is limited in some places and tables fill up quickly.

#2: Delicious pizzas and other Italian specialties
When you hear Italian food, most people think of spaghetti or some variation of lasagna. And yes, these dishes are delicious (let’s be honest), but there is so much more! Take the example of pizza: so often it’s just called pizza, when in fact it can have all kinds of toppings. There are varieties made with special sauces that aren’t even red – try Hawaiian pizza or white pie! The Pizza Shop is a hip but affordable spot just up the stairs from the waterfront restaurants, and it shares the building with Hudson Taco, which is a culinary destination in its own right!

#3: Family atmosphere
Taking kids with you is a great way to get them used to healthy eating, and a day by the water can be a lot of fun. Think of a creative and affordable way to cross the river on a boat like the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry, and you have a recipe for success! The waterfront views are stunning here too – so make sure you don’t just eat. Enjoy your visit taking in all the beauty of the Hudson Valley.

#4: Huge Portions for an Affordable Price
Newburgh’s waterfront is a foodie mecca with gourmet restaurants offering creative and tasty cuisine from around the world. Many visitors stay in affordable Airbnb rentals in the area. But with so much choice, it can be hard to figure out which restaurant you’ll dine at each night.

#5: Friendly staff and great service
Although you may see your server or host as a source of trouble, in reality they only have one job: to make sure you have a good time and enjoy your experience. While Upstate, NY isn’t known for best-in-class restaurant service (even the most expensive restaurants up the river in Kingston, NY seem pretty snobby and unfriendly to say the least), but the closer you are close to NYC, like Newburgh and Beacon, best service you get.

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Newburgh Waterfront – Photo by Maxwell Alexander/from Duncan Avenue Studios
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