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Öhlins launches RXF34 m.2 fork for short-travel trail bikes

Swedish suspension brand Öhlins are upping their game in the downcountry. The boutique suspension maker has released the RXF34 m.2 fork, a 120-130mm travel fork specifically designed for use on lightweight trail bikes designed for aggressive riding.

What makes the RXF34 m.2 short travel trail bike special? It is lighter than the outgoing RXF34 and uses an all-new air damper designed to accommodate aggressive, short-travel riding.

The RXF34 m.2 is a 29″ only and is available in 120 or 130 mm travel. It comes with a claimed weight of 1,698 grams (without volume spacers). It uses an air spring and damper adapted from Öhlins’ larger downhill and trail forks.

OTX18 shock absorber

At the heart of the RXF34 m.2 is Öhlins’ all-new OTX18 shock. Developed from the TTX18, used in Öhlins DH forks, the OTX18 is 27% lighter than its beefier sibling. It’s also designed for faster, smoother riding styles to balance traction and control with weight and stiffness.

The OTX18 continues Öhlins reputation for providing highly tunable suspension products. It features 15 clicks of low-seed compression and rebound adjustment and three for high-speed compression adjustments, with options for further customization.

The new shock is paired with a lightweight air spring that uses a positive, self-adjusting negative chamber. The positive chamber allows riders to fine-tune the spring curve using volume spacers. The negative chamber provides more initial fork kick and little bump sensitivity.

2022 Ohlins RXF34 m.2

– OTX18 shock optimized for trails
– 34 mm divers
– Wheel size: 29″
– Offset: 44mm
– Stroke: 120 mm and 130 mm
– Floating axle design to reduce friction
– eMTB approved
– Weight: 1698g without volume spacers
– 160mm rotor size post mount, max 203mm
– Maximum tire size: 29 × 2.6″
– Crown axis: 541 mm at 130 mm stroke

Canadian MSRP is $1700.00

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes