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Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best Stories of 2021


Whether you are looking for a well-deserved getaway or the best restaurants in NoVA, these stories have grabbed your attention this year.

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Just like that, we’re about to wrap up another year, and trust us when we say 2021 was a year for books in Northern Virginia. From the invasion of the cicadas to the crazy summer housing market to the countless sets of twinkling lights, revisit the stories that caught your attention this year.

Twins Spencer (left) and Max Ernst, along with singer Chelsea Lee, form the booming group SHAED. (Photo by Jonathan Timmes)

Launched skyward by the world hit “Trampoline”, the alternative pop trio from Northern Virginia aim for higher heights. [READ MORE]

Shannon Potter for Unsplash

What to expect when Brood X (pronounced “ten” as in the Roman numeral) arrives, from how they can actually help your lawn, to whether they can be (gorged) anyway? safety eaten by man or beast. [READ MORE]

Johnny depp
Reuters / Yara Nardi –

The actor is suing his ex-wife in Virginia for 773 words she wrote for The Washington Post. The lawsuit sheds light on a flaw in our legal system that invites the powerful and the wealthy to travel across the country to Virginia to silence their critics and limit the First Amendment. [READ MORE]

band on stage
Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap

Our annual list of the best NoVA products is a great excuse to find your next local business to support – and remember why you love living here. [READ MORE]

ninja warrior class

Quantico Park was primarily built for military families, but you can try your hand at the warped wall. [READ MORE]

Alicia Kacel and Craig Gorman
Alicia Kacel and Craig Gorman outside the Vienna house they nabbed earlier this year after a stressful house hunt. (Photo by Christin Boggs Peyper)

Bid well above the list price? Ha! This is just the start of the frenzy when trying to buy a home in Northern Virginia right now. [READ MORE]

enchant the christmas maze
Courtesy Photo Enchant Christmas

Enchant Christmas is back in Nationals Park, ready to make Christmas bigger and brighter. [READ MORE]

Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf
Bob Kahn (left) and Vint Cerf both live in McLean today. Even they are having zoom issues. (Photo by Will Reintzell)

You could dine at a table next to someone who has helped change the world. So who are these two? [READ MORE]

woman protesting at Loudoun school board meeting
Evelyn Hockstein / Reuters

The Loudoun County School District has become a hotspot for the country’s biggest political debates, including transgender rights. Has it reached its breaking point? [READ MORE]

Epiq food hall
Epiq Food Hall (Photo by Alice Levitt)

Epiq Food Hall will begin serving food from 14 partner chefs on April 1. [READ MORE]

patton oswalt
Photo by Sam Jones

The Sterling native (and College of William & Mary graduate), 52, performs two shows at the Kennedy Center this month on his latest comedy tour, Who’s Ready to Laugh? [READ MORE]

brightness display

The LuminoCity Festival is destined to invade your Instagram with larger-than-life light works. [READ MORE]

Isle of Kent
© tamas /

Waiting just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a weekend full of water views, fun in the sun, and fresh, local seafood. [READ MORE]

Bob Lucette
Photo by Tiffany Caldwell

The true story of the most famous high school football team in history, five decades after winning the championship. [READ MORE]

“It’s the Jetsons that come to life,” was the reply. [READ MORE]

2941 flat
Photo by Rey Lopez

What can you expect from the following restaurants? A meal that will make you smile, whether it is because of the stellar food (this category is the most important, after all), a dining room that is sure to impress or, yes, that server that makes your evening even more special. [READ MORE]

capital a room
Photo courtesy of HGA © Alan Karchmer

Capital One Hall, the newly opened performance center, will also feature a huge sky park, the 300-suite Watermark Hotel and a Radio City Music Hall-style design. [READ MORE]

shepherd city
Photo by Jill Devine

Avoid the crazy vacation airport traffic and enjoy a European getaway to neighboring West Virginia. [READ MORE]

bright winter party display
Photo courtesy of Kings Dominion

From festive gardens to amusement parks transformed into winter paradises, these illuminations will put you in the holiday spirit. [READ MORE]

Photo by Rey Lopez

A bustling underground bar tucked under a popular restaurant. A wine bar that offers cats to stroke. Questionnaire evenings in Seinfeld. What are your plans for tonight? [READ MORE]


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