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Man broke into Kennewick daycare to devour all the food

It’s not something you hear or read every day, however, this one caught our attention.

A 39-year-old man has been held in Benton County Jail after breaking into a Kennewick day care center and eating food from the pantry.

Kennewick Police are reported to have received a call from Beyond Rainbow Child Care Saturday morning, saying a door had been broken in.

When officers arrived at 1720 West 4th Avenue, they found Robert Stickley inside.

Stickley, would NOT leave the daycare when ordered, and instead made a snack.


As officers informed him that they were going to get a K-9 to search, Stickley surrendered and exited the building.

Stickley was sentenced to Benton County Jail for 2nd degree burglary.

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It is not yet known whether the daycare was able to replenish the pantry.

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