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Madonna torn for having recreated the graphic scene of Marilyn Monroe’s deathbed, accused of an overdose of a “glamor” icon

Madonna isn’t new to controversy, but recreating the deathbed scene of a pop culture icon who suffered a drug overdose seemed to trigger even her fans.

The 63-year-old pop star posed for a Marilyn monroe-inspired diffusion in V Magazine, courtesy of the photographer Steven klein.

Klein said he was inspired by Bert sternseries, The last session, which is said to be the last photoshoot the Hollywood sex symbol sat for before his death on August 4, 1962.

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In the article, Klein explained that he and his Materialistic girl muse was not “interested in exactly recreating the images”, but rather wanted “to capture the bond between a star and the camera, the mystery and the magic of this creative collaboration”.

Together they did just that. In some images, the platinum blonde singer wore bustiers and fishnets; in others, she was completely shirtless and wore a thong. A black-and-white portrait even showed her fully covered in a simple black pantsuit with fur thrown over her shoulder.

While the images were aesthetically stunning, fans felt the photographer and musician’s inclusion of their shot in the real photo of the crime scene of Monroe’s bed where her corpse was found was tacky at best. .

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In one of those photos, Madge was seen lying lifeless and face down on a mattress, exposing her bare and noticeably larger buttocks, with a cross placed on her bare back. Most of her skin was exposed except for her arms, which were covered with white satin gloves at elbow height.

Other shots from the scene showed prescription pill bottles on a nearby nightstand, as a busty Madonna stared seductively at the camera.

At the age of 36, Marilyn died in her home in Brentwood, California, after an overdose of barbiturates. His body was discovered the next day.

“For some morbid and strange reason, Madonna decides to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s deathbed,” a disappointed Twitter user shared alongside the images. “The black and white photo is actually Marilyn Monroe’s bedroom where she died.”

“It makes you nauseous,” noted another. “It seems to me in bad taste.

“Wow,” added someone else, who called the photos derogatory, while another user urged people to “stop giving him an audience. It’s sick and nothing good could get out”.

“It’s not cool. Glamorous suicide is the only thing to remember once the shock factor wears off,” someone else said, while another reviewer called the photo ” rude and inappropriate “, even letting out a” yuck “.

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The singer also raised her eyebrows when she praised Kanye west‘s DONDA album, despite the inclusion of a feature film by DaBaby.

Madge was at the forefront of educating the problematic artist following a homophobic and sexist rant at a music festival earlier this year.

She told the magazine that she was “in conflict” with the situation, but felt it was more important to “pay attention to the message, not the messenger.”

“Listen to the teachings,” she urged. “Don’t get caught up in the professor, which the professor does.”

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