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Madonna is trolled by 50 Cent on Instagram for trying to ‘pretend like a virgin’ at 63 over risky butt pics

MADONNA was trolled by 50 Cent on Instagram for trying to “pretend like a virgin” in her daring butt pics.

The 63-year-old has left little to the imagination in her latest Instagram Publish.


50 Cent trolled Madonna for her recent Instagram photoshootCredit: Getty
Madonna posted the risky photoshoot at 64


Madonna posted the risky photoshoot at 64Credit: Instagram / Madonna

The outspoken rapper, 46, shared his thoughts on the risky photoshoot, where Madonna exposed her butt and nipples.

“yo that’s the funniest shit! LOL it’s Madonna under the bed trying to act like a virgin at 63. hundred wrote, along with a photograph of Madonna under her bed, wearing Louboutins and fishnets.

In two separate comments, the rapper added “SMH and people say I’m fucked up, no you gotta look around. LOL” and “BBL NOT WELL DONE, Crazy Bars BARS LOL.”

Madonna shared several photos of herself posing on and near a bed on Wednesday.

In the first snap, the Material Girl singer wore nothing but fishnet stockings, a black thong and heels as her breasts hung down with her nipples well exposed.

She wore her blonde hair loose and straight, while Madonna looked unrecognizable with a face made up.

The following shots surprised the singer hanging from a railing at the end of the bed and posing with the metal in her mouth.

Madonna posed on her back in the fourth photo with her nipple fully out, followed by a photo of her resting on her side in the same revealing ensemble.

She then got out of bed to kneel on the floor, which allowed fans to clearly see her booty through the fishnet tights.

Madonna continued to undress for the photoshoot, as she stretched out under the covers completely naked with a red heart-shaped emoji placed on her nipple.

Further snaps followed of the singer flaunting her body on and off the bed, as the slides ended with a photo of the Like A Virgin hitmaker entirely under the bed with only her legs and butt sticking out.

She captioned the Instagram photos, “An angel watching over me. “


Many fans of the star flocked to the comments section to praise the daring photoshoot, as one person wrote, “Every day I love you more and more.”

One person called Madonna “THE HOTTEST ANGEL / WOMAN ON EARTH”, while another commented, “Perfection as always”.

However, others have criticized Madonna for pushing the boundaries with the photos.

One Instagram user wrote: “Please stop this porn ridiculous.”

Another added, “Honey, I think the angel flew a long time ago.”


Madonna’s latest revealing photos come after fans accused her of recreating the scene of Marilyn Monroe’s death.

In a recent V Magazine cover interview, Madonna was seen lying face down on a mattress with her buttocks clearly exposed.

Another photo showed that prescription pill bottles could be found on a nearby bedside table.

Fans believe the photo is a recreation of Marilyn’s tragic death.

The iconic actress was found dead in her Brentwood, Calif., Home in 1962 and reportedly overdosed on sedatives.

Shortly after Madonna’s photo shoot came out, social media users quickly noticed that the photo in bed looked like Marilyn on her deathbed.

Many have taken to Twitter to express outrage at the photos, like pop culture expert Mike Sington tweeted: “For some morbid and strange reason, Madonna decides to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s deathbed.”


The controversial photoshoot came just weeks after Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon revealed her mother refused to give her handouts when she was a millionaire.

While chatting with actress Debi Mazar for Maintenance magazine, the 25-year-old revealed, “My mom is a control freak, and she’s been controlling me my whole life.

“I needed to be completely independent from her as soon as I graduated from high school.”

Lourdes proved that she could support herself and paid for her own education and her own apartment.

She continued, “We don’t get any gifts from my family. Obviously, I grew up with extreme privilege. It’s undeniable.

“I think my mom saw all these other famous people kids, and she thought, ‘My kids won’t be like this.'”

Madonna shares her daughter with ex Carlos Leon.

Madonna is 63 years old


Madonna is 63 years oldCredit: Instagram / Madonna
Lorraine Kelly denounces Madonna’s ‘sordid’ snaps after singer found herself topless in fishnets

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