For snowboarder and surfer Bryan Fox, life in general is pretty good. He got engaged, does what he loves in life and is now the proud owner of a sweet 1975 GMC Vandura which he calls The General.

Yet he still finds it difficult to focus on the present. Perhaps a victim of PTSD from military service, perhaps understandably restless, his mind struggles to focus. Instead, he constantly drifts to future scenarios that may or may not come true. He quickly realizes that life in The General helps him not to give in to the anguishes of the future and to appreciate the beauty that surrounds him.

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After learning that his father’s old van was available, Bryan Fox flew to Mexico to collect his new home. He chose to live there, simply and without luxury. For weeks, he took advantage of the Baja sun, driving the coastline in search of the best waves to surf. He, his fiancee Kelly, and his surfer friend Trevor Gordon have spent their time making a living from the sea, driving, surviving the effects of heat stroke and even more driving.

As contradictory as it is for someone who lives as a nomad, he is not used to living in the moment. He’s in a bit of a bind. At 36, he feels the pressure to make certain life decisions.

From the movie. Photo: Quicksilver


The general takes him thousands of miles from the desert heat to the winter mountains of British Columbia. Here he and a group of friends are snowboarding. Here he is nailed to the ground. He’s been snowboarding since high school and feels at home in the snow. The mountains give it clarity. He came to see The General as a tool of transition: from desert to snow, from over-thinking to peace of mind. Although it is common for people to dislike change, he decides to embrace it and its inevitability.

As he flies over the powdery slopes, he embraces the moment. The snow that rushes under his board gives him a delicious freedom not to worry about life in general.

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Kristine De Abreu

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