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‘Killing Eve’ Season 4 Episode 2 Fashion Recap: Eve Undercover

Kill Eve Season 4 Episode 2 features Sandra Oh’s dream come true: Eve can finally wear a wig. Luckily Villanelle isn’t here to see it, because as far as disguises go, it’s pretty ridiculous. Between her clearly artificial hair, sunglasses and trench coat, not to mention her nervous attitude, she looks more like a deceptive version of a spy than a real one when she tries to slip a fit tracker. stamp in Hélène’s handbag. She and Yusuf have finally tracked down the high-ranking member of the Twelve (played by Camille Cottin from Gucci House and Call my agent!), who, as usual, looks effortlessly chic Parisian in a simple white shirt and big shades as she and her daughter calmly watch a man in period costume pretend to be tortured.

Luckily for Eve, Hélène soon finds another source of distraction. Even luckier, Eve found herself a new and much improved disguise. This time around, we think Villanelle missed it: Eve looks ready to hit the club in a skin-tight black dress with a cutout showcasing her waist-length braid. Hélène is so engrossed in making out with her date that Eve’s mission is actually a success.

Photo by Anika Molnar/BBCA

Meanwhile, Villanelle – or should we say, Nelle – is stuck on a tour bus on her way to what appears to be some kind of worshiper campsite. We expect her to at least blow up, if not kick everyone out and hijack the vehicle, when one of them starts a series of questions. Instead, she grabs the mic and quotes the Bible in an attempt to make amends with her new best friend Maya after he tries to kill her. A visit from the drag version of herself (who is apparently Jesus) prompts her to keep trying, and eventually, she succeeds. We can hardly blame Maya: her pal looks pretty harmless in her mousy ensemble consisting of ill-fitting mom denim shorts, visible white sports bra, socks and sandals and a fleece printed with geese.

Photo by Anika Molnar/BBCA

Photo by Anika Molnar/BBCA

Maya is so convinced of Villanelle’s purity that she thinks all it will take to heal her poisoned soul is to let her out into the woods screaming at the top of her voice. We have to admit, they look pretty cute together in their matching sets. (And we never thought we’d say this about an item in Villanelle’s wardrobe, but in case you’re wondering, Villanelle’s second frumpy jacket is available for the equivalent of $17.19. $ on Amazon UK and for $43.49 at Walmart.) “Nelle”, Maya makes the mistake of revealing that her father, Phil the Vicar, was drunk while driving the car that killed her mother. Can her “friend” keep a secret? Certainly not. Surprise, surprise: Villanelle rudely breaks the news to the faithful, then lashes out at them for telling her to get out by stabbing Phil and Maya to death. The Jesus-slash-drag-Villanelle is next to go – in our opinion, the character was so grumpy that it shouldn’t be a sin to say we’re glad she’s gone. (Mostly if that means Villanelle is updating her wardrobe.)

Ignoring her hunk Yusuf’s advice, Eve goes ahead and wanders to Helen’s doorstep. Hélène, of course, is on it: she answers it with the “stamp” in her hand. When Eve storms in announcing that she is coming to cook her dinner, Eve slyly puts away the pocket knife she is holding in her other hand. For an ill-advised, uninvited visit to the home of a murderous mastermind, things go pretty well. All Hélène does is hold Eve’s hand on the burner of her stove as they discuss – and realize that they are united in wanting to bring down – the Twelve. She is clearly impressed and apparently even attracted by Eve’s boldness.

Hélène is also chic and relaxed in what appears to be head-to-toe cashmere. If that’s what she wears one night, well, at least there’s sartorial hope in the dark event that no-Nelle Villanelle doesn’t deliver on in the future. We’re not complaining, given that it means the pair are having a real reunion, but the only glimpse we get of Villanelle’s usual sinful self is when she’s wearing a bathrobe after breaking into D’s hotel room. ‘Eve to wash away Phil and Maya’s blood.

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