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Interview with pet influencers Tinkerbelle and Belle

Tinkerbelle and Belle are one of the hottest pet influencers and biggest trend setters. Whether on Instagram, TikTok or their popular Youtube channel, they showcase their luxurious lifestyle, cool fashions and jet-setting adventures to make their 3M+ followers jealous. It even gives us a severe case of FOMO.

  1. As world-class influencer puppies, what do you love about travel?

We love wandering around new cities, immersing ourselves in their individual charm, and finding unique dining experiences not available in New York. We also like to look at the latest fashion and serve our mother Sam Cattrell, puppy eyes to persuade her to buy it! The trip is not just a shopping spree, but an opportunity to learn more about the people and their history. Plus, it’s amazing how welcoming the world is to pets!

  1. Where have you traveled lately?

Once the pandemic hit, Mom suspended travel and gradually started allowing road trips to strengthen our family bond and maintain our sanity. However, last December allowed us to resume our travels and we visited: Boston Massachusetts, NYC, Charleston, South Carolina, Lake Placid NY, Salem, Massachusetts, Vermont, Montauk, Mystic CT, Woodstock NY, And now Denver Colorado! We are happy to be back on planes with better dining options and a view of the sky.

  1. What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited? And why?

Some of my absolute favorite places I’ve traveled to are Paris, France; Venice, Italy; Florence Italy and London England. My sister Belle hasn’t been abroad yet – but I hope we come back and can’t wait for her to try the deserts. The architecture, the people, the quaintness and the beautiful, well-groomed puppies are things you can’t put a price tag on.

  1. What are your favorite activities you have done while traveling?

Our favorite thing to do while traveling is to walk! There’s nothing like dressing up for a girls’ night out on a walk, exploring the city is the only way to truly experience a city and fully immerse yourself in it with the locals. In addition to walking, I like to visit historic places like Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum and Ponte Vecchio with Mom; she likes to go sightseeing. My all-time favorite thing about traveling was going to a fashion show in Paris!

  1. What are your top 3 hotels and why should people visit them?

The best hotels you should go to are: Hotel La Clef Tour Eiffel, in Paris; Venezia Palazzo Barocci, in Venice Italy; and the Whitney Hotel in Boston. You can see the Eiffel Tower from the hotel La Clef Tour Eiffel, which is priceless! At the Venezia Palazzo Barocci you are literally on the canal with stunning views and the best location in all of Venice and the Whitney Hotel has plenty of charm with wonderful amenities for both puppies and humans.

Tinker Bell and Belle
  1. What’s next on your travel bucket list?

Our travel list includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Vail, Colorado, Australia, the Grand Canyon and Hawaii, but our next trip will be wherever fashion takes me and Belle.

  1. How did you become a model and actor?

One day while I was walking with my mother, an animal officer from NYC noticed me and approached. Shortly after, I was hired for a Ralph Lauren campaign where I became the face and have been working ever since. My agent also saw something in Belle and helped her land her first publicity for an eyewear company. I’m so proud of my sister!

  1. What have been your favorite television or film projects you have done?

My favorite worked an entire week on the Google Pixel 6 commercial and short and Belle’s favorite was appearing on Saturday Night Live!

  1. What is your dream vacation?

Our dream vacation is in a tropical location. Warm, sunny, oceanic and peaceful are words that perfectly describe this dream. Above all, Belle and I just want to spend time with family and look fabulous while doing it and give away something that subscribers will appreciate!

Tinkerbell and Ariana Grande
  1. If you could travel with a celebrity anywhere in the world, who would you choose and where would you go?

Me and Belle are huge Taylor Swift fans and would love a girls trip with her. There would definitely be songwriting, cooking, baking, storytelling on this trip. I think the destination would be Hawaii, where we would definitely get rid of the stress by dancing to: Shake & Style to show our followers how to vacation in luxury.

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