Integration with Home loans good includes a comprehensive, instant loan calculator that provides useful data for homebuyers to assess the realistic cost of each property listed on Homely, without having to provide information about themselves up front.

The integration of the calculator is part of a collaboration between Simple and home loans though.

The partnership is designed to bridge the gap between browsing and researching online by offering loan estimate breakdowns that are easy to understand up front.

The Well Home Mortgage Calculator shows home seekers how much they may need to save for a deposit, stamp duty, estimated monthly repayments, LVR, estimated total loan amount, and even government dollar taxes. close.

Well Home Loans CEO Scott Spencer said the company’s goal has always been to understand what people don’t like about banks and to do the opposite.

“We have built a reputation for offering some of the lowest interest rates in Australia, providing excellent service and being completely transparent with customers,” said Mr. Spencer.

“Well Home Loans has a reputation for being surprisingly easy to use, as well as providing a truly seamless digital experience. “

This new integration, which is now part of every “for sale” ad on the Homely platform, is another way for Homely to offer its users “more than real estate”.

“The easy-to-use widget is a helping hand in one of the most complicated and frustrating aspects of home buying for most Australians – understanding all the costs associated with buying their next home.” , they explained.

Mr. Spencer continued that one of the things that kept people from entering the market was figuring out the costs involved.

“If you don’t know how much to save for a deposit, how much to budget for transaction costs, and how much to pay for outstanding mortgage payments, it can be too difficult to take the next step. ” he said.

“The beauty of this calculator is that it clears a lot of this confusion, allowing people to make more informed decisions.

“Including additional costs like stamp duty and mortgage loan insurance (LMI) in our tools means people can feel more confident about where they stand when looking to buy. We see a lot of buyers surprised or unprepared because they didn’t know where to find the information. Now, they no longer need to go elsewhere to look for it.

Homely’s product manager Luke Kenyon said that a good product helps consumers find what they’re looking for in one place.

“While Homely already offers a unique and cutting-edge set of tools to help homebuyers find the perfect place to live, we know that the financial element of buying a home is what holds a lot in the way. of people on their journey, ”Mr. Kenyon mentioned.

“Being able to deliver this information in a digestible, transparent and hassle-free manner is exactly the type of solution consumers need. “

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