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Giambattista Valli launches her first bridal collection – WWD

After dressing Jessica Biel, Amal Clooney and Charlotte Casiraghi on their big days, Giambattista Valli has finally said “yes” to a bridal collection.

Dubbed “Love,” her capsule of 16 diverse wedding dresses, plus a well-fitting pantsuit, will be sold via hair salons in the United States from September 9 at Bloomingdale’s in New York, followed by Capitol in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 9. 16; Capitol in Brentwood, Calif., On September 23, and Neiman Marcus in Dallas on October 14.

The collection is also expected to travel to Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the coming months. Dresses start at $ 9,000 and go up to $ 29,000, with separate pieces starting at $ 3,000.

Disclosing the brand extension exclusively to WWD, Valli said he approached the project in a playful and fresh manner.

“I mean, they don’t really look like brides. They look more like special occasion dresses. You can see yourself having fun when you wear them, and it’s not that institutional wedding dress idea. That’s why all the young and funniest clients come to me because they want something that looks more like some kind of on-trend dress.

“If you change the color it can be the most amazing evening dress,” he said, calling from Mykonos, Greece, where he was on vacation.

Produced in-house, the bridal collection marks a gradual expansion – and sharpening – of the Valli product range.

Bride Giambattista Valli 2021
Lexie Moreland / WWD

Best known for their extravagant cocktail dresses and frothy evening gowns, the designer recently expanded their daywear and ‘easy pieces’ offering in their core collection, while also launching the first beach and swimwear capsule. of its brand.

“Now it’s time to go to the most extreme time for a special occasion,” he said. “It’s nice to work in these two directions and expand the wardrobe.

The Paris-based Italian-born designer will mark his first decade of haute couture in January 2022, and wedding attire – for the bride, procession and guests – makes up around 65% of this rarefied layer of fashion.

“We have very young clients in high fashion for weddings,” said Valli.

He relishes this part of the business and notes that “when I make an haute couture wedding dress, it’s like a psychotherapy session” with each client as he discusses their childhood dreams of wedding dresses. and their current style. Other famous women he has dressed for the wedding festivities include Charlotte Dellal, Victoria Tang, Margherita Missoni, Feiping Chang, Selby Drummond and Noor Fares.

This has undoubtedly further boosted its profile and the growing demand from its ready-to-wear customers for wedding options.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – and everyone’s been asking, asking, asking,” Valli said, describing her first Love collection as “bringing that Valli girl flavor, something that’s more of a party or a happy time. “

The collection covers a range of silhouettes that express different facets of the ‘Valli girl’ and could adapt to different types of celebrations, from private events and beach weddings to more grandiose and public ceremonies, such as when Laura Vecino de Acha married the Spanish Duke Rafael. Medina and the couple landed on the cover of ¡Hola! magazine.

The designer said his approach was to maintain the “expert and workshop rituals” of haute couture and translate them industrially, while retaining the “richness of textures, materials and volumes” and the “Same kind of femininity” which is at the heart of the Valli Fashion Vocabulary. Beads, lace, tulle and satin bows are hallmarks of the garments, while shoes and evening bags complete the Love offer.

Bride Giambattista Valli 2021

Bride Giambattista Valli 2021
Lexie Moreland / WWD

The bridal capsule comes at a brighter time as large swathes of the world cautiously emerge from pandemic lockdowns and travel restrictions ease, allowing weddings postponed over the past year to continue.

Valli noted that the ceremonies continued throughout the health crisis, in more intimate circumstances, but appear to revert to larger and more spectacular weddings modeled on Giovanna Battaglia’s extravagant 2016 wedding to Oscar Engelbert, who involved several designer dresses for her various stages, including a macrame mini dress from Valli – complete with a three-yard veil – for the party.

However, Valli opted for the small scale of trunk shows to sell the Love collection, rather than wholesale distribution. Each trunk show lasts three or four days.

“It is very beautiful to approach end customers in a more intimate way, almost like in a living room, where you have privacy, where you can see the details of the dresses and experience the Giambattista Valli lifestyle” , he said, noting this trunk shows will be organized with flower arrangements from his house, scented candles and the like. The staff must also wear the typical white jackets of fashion houses, reinforcing the sense of a fitting in a Parisian house.

“I think it’s nice to be very close to customers today, to bring a story and an experience, and not just to bring a new product to market. “

He said he plans to do one bridal collection per year, leaving plenty of time to perfect the silhouettes, fabrics and embellishments. “It’s something that we really believe in,” enthused Valli.

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