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Modern e-bikes are great alternative means of transportation for those looking for a quick, enjoyable, and exhilarating trip. We see them all the time – whether it’s your Uber Eats driver dropping off your midday lunch or your friend meeting you for dinner in town – e-bikes are everywhere.

The ENGWE EP-2 Pro Electric Bike is a great option for those looking to dive into electric transportation. Priced at $999, the ENGWE is an affordable option, packed with essential e-bike features. Engwe EP-2 PRO electric bike will ship for FREE, within 3-5 business days to US, EU, UK.

360 MAGAZINE had the opportunity to test the ENGWE EP-2 Pro electric bike in the concrete jungle. Please read below to find out what we thought of this practical e-bike.

curb appeal

At 70 lbs, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro sports a convenient collapsible frame for optimal storage. Although this electric bike is heavier than other models, it offers an easy daily commute.

Available in Black, Dark Orange and Slate Grey, the e-bike design is clean and unisex. Structured with distinct, clean lines throughout, the ENGWE carries a modern, universal feel that would adorn many.


The original ENGWE comes with 20 x 4.0 off-road tires to tackle varied landscapes. At 360, we replaced those tires with a puncture-proof option and acquired a saddle seat for the e-bike. The new tires were puncture-proof and withstood the potholes that surround the city.

The ENGWE’s neck can be adjusted according to passenger height with leather grips. The 48v 12.8 Ah lithium battery is hidden with the appropriate design of the electric bike in the battery compartment. To ensure greater battery security, ENGWE had the compartment locked with a supplied key. An electric bell is also included with the ENGWE.


With 5-level pedal assist, the ENGWE adapts to each passenger’s riding style with the assistance of the LCD display. The 12.8 Ah battery fully charges in 5-6 hours and can be recharged on the go using the charging port.

48V Front Ambient Lighting illuminates your driveway with bright, prominent rays. The sport taillight mechanical brakes come on when you start to slow down.


The upgraded 750W motor is the star of the ENGWE show. The e-bike boasts top speeds of up to 28 miles per hour and covers approximately 50 miles along the way. With easy torque customization, passengers have the option to increase or decrease their torque.

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Article: Vaughn Lowery

NYC Assembly:

Mexico City Sports Center × Bike Repair



Engwe EP 2 PRO EBike is reviewed by Vaughn Lowery for 360 MAGAZINE

* The e-bike model was tested in the Bronx, New York with bumpy pavement and rotting roads.

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