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EdTech Trendsetter Taylor Shead bounces between tech and the boardroom

Taylor Shead founded STEMuli in 2016 with former Apple Inc. colleague Wade Auston with the goal of connecting students to virtual mentoring and internships. In 2020, the company partnered with Dallas ISD to launch a virtual learning platform to help students connect with teachers throughout the pandemic. The fashionable CEO spends time in schools and meeting business partners while working in a tech space, and her fashion choices reflect that diversity. She talks about her inspirations and what her style says about her.

What I do: “I am the CEO and Founder of STEMuli, a rapidly growing EdTech company.”

Icon Style: “A mix of the sharp suits and red lips of Janelle Monáe, a bit of the street chic of Didi Richards and a bit of Drake. Every time you see him, you feel joy and confidence through his smile, a unique watch and an exclusive pair of shoes.

At work : “You’ll find me in sharp suits at business functions, but you’re also likely to see me in Gucci mules, the latest Yeezys, Jordans or Golden Goose sneakers for the sake of authenticity.”

Defined style: “Hip, chic and versatile.”

Fashion Essentials: “Lipstick and a pair of shoes that make me feel like a bad ass.”

Inspiration: “The pride I have in who I am, my entourage supporting me to be as authentically myself as possible, and the white space I fill in the tech industry as a sports-obsessed CEO , fashion, music and technology My style is my way of saying ‘I’m proud of who I am.’ It’s recognition for the people who paved the way for me and a signal to the next generation that they can be who they are in rooms full of people who may not be like them.

Go-To Look: “Black with pops of color, straight bone hair, a Gigi Pip hat, black Gucci mules or sneakers and a bright red lip to highlight my femininity.”

Accessories: “A beautiful watch, black diamond earrings, lipstick and sneakers.”

Look of the weekend: “Lounge clothes made of soft fabrics and a pair of comfortable socks.”

Favorite store: “For sneakers, I frequent The Laboratory DTX on Lower Greenville, or use the app, GOAT.”

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes