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Crimes, Murders and Mysteries of Old Hollywood

The death of Thelma Todd in 1935 remains one of Hollywood’s most gruesome mysteries.

The actress, known by the nicknames ‘The Ice Cream Blonde’ and ‘Hot Toddy’, was found dead in her home aged 29 on suspicion of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The coroner ruled the 1930s starlet’s death a suicide, but many believed Todd’s death was a cold-blooded murder.

Prior to his death, Todd owned and operated Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Café, which was the playground of criminals and mobsters in the 1930s.

Her ex-husband Pat DiCicco, whom she divorced in 1934, was a major film producer and well-known henchman of crime boss Lucky Luciano.

On December 16, 1935, Todd’s lifeless body was found in the garage next to his beloved cafe. She was slumped over the wheel of her brown convertible.

Todd’s friends, who said she loved life, started asking questions.

A grand jury investigation then took place to determine if Todd had been murdered. He found there was no evidence of foul play, and although Todd left no note, the matter was ruled “accidental with possible suicidal tendencies”.

No charges were ever brought regarding Todd’s death in 1935.

Author Michelle Morgan wrote in her book ‘The Ice Cream Blonde: The Whirlwind Life and Mysterious Death of Screwball Comedian Thelma Todd’ that the actress is sadly remembered for her death, rather than her acting skills. ‘screen.

“His career eventually boiled down to a line in magazines, like ‘Do you remember when the tragic Thelma Todd died? ‘” Morgan said. FoxNews in 2019.

“Her death had become this dirty thing that happened in Hollywood that everyone wanted to quickly forget. Unfortunately, because no one wanted to talk about her, she was forgotten over time.”

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes