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Credit Ratings No Longer a Barrier for Retired Federal and Military Employees Seeking Loans

Retirees Formerly Employed In The Military Or Federal Government Now Have Personal Loan Options In Times Of Financial Difficulty, Thanks To BMG Money

Loan eligibility is dependent on retirement income – not credit history – a much needed relief for consumers with low credit scores or who are otherwise turned down by traditional lenders.

– José Patino

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 27, 2021 / – FEDERAL & MILITARY RETIREES HAVE NEW LOAN OPTIONS FROM BMG SILVER – Credit scores are no longer a barrier to the ability of federal and military retirees to pay for their health care and manage unexpected expenses.

Despite being the richest and most abundant generation, many Baby Boomers are still struggling with their finances. One of these challenges is emergency health care spending, which has steadily increased over time. According to the Retirement Management Journal, American retirees spend an average of $ 4,500 per year on health care expenses, excluding long-term care costs. Unfortunately, when older people are faced with health emergencies or other unforeseen expenses, fixed income may not be enough to cover the costs. Too often retirees find themselves with no one to turn to.

For retired federal employees and retired members of our military, access to personal loans is now possible through BMG Money LoansForRetirees program. Jose Patino, vice president of BMG Money, explains that “loan eligibility is dependent on retirement income – not credit history – a much needed relief for consumers who have low credit scores or are otherwise turned down by traditional lenders excluded from the general financial public. “

The BMG Money LoansForRetirees program offers loans starting at $ 2,000 with competitive interest rates and instant financing available, useful in case of emergency or unforeseen expenses. The program also offers affordable repayment options, with loan terms of up to 2 years, making it easier for borrowers to protect their household budget.

Retirees can apply online from a smartphone, computer, tablet or any mobile device. BMG Money customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time, ready to assist consumers with inquiries. Secured loan applications can be found at, and customer service is available at 800.316.8507.

About BMG Money
BMG Money has been helping protect employees against predatory loans since 2011 and currently operates in 36 states and our nation’s capital.

BMG Money works tirelessly to create loan programs that meet the many different needs of employed and retired populations. BMG Money’s goal is to improve the financial well-being of underserved consumers through a combination of financial education, credit monitoring solutions and emergency lending, all of which are tools that retirees and seniors alike. employees need to secure a better financial future.


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