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Carve Magazine Issue 214 –

Welcome to issue 214. Another volume of Carve dedicated to bringing you the stories of the UK and Irish surfing community, but more importantly encouraging you to shun most 9-5 responsibilities and ensure that the balance works /personal life works in your favor. !
If there’s one thing I love about creating the magazine, it’s the stories of random events that lead to success. In this issue, we have two. First, the story of a St Ives surfer whose lifestyle choices and a random Christmas present from his mother led to the invention and meteoric adoption of the dryrobe® as a national fashion. It’s a hell of a story and one that has a lot in common with many surfers and the entrepreneurial spirit that breeds in pursuit of tides and swells. The second is how a boy and his girlfriend from Bude ended up running one of the most famous surf camps in the world. They just left for the winter and end up bosses at HT. Brilliant Bleddy.
The other benefit of printing is that we can showcase the incredible photo talent of the UK and Irish surfing communities. We start with a former grom from Porthleven who now vacations at home in style, and we have our annual picture. We’ve had hundreds of entries this year and it’s just a pleasure to go through them as they come in, although it’s quite difficult to decide which ones to feature. Digital is great for a lot of things, but showing class photos, not so much.
In this issue, we also have a lot to give you on the travel front now that the world is pretty much open. Tell tales of remote WA and NZ, a group of lads from South Devon setting off on their first trip to Nias, and a crew mark on a luxury yacht trip to the Maldives with bioluminescent dolphins.
So dive in and get inspired!
Editor Steve

Cory E. Barnes

The author Cory E. Barnes