Bank Credit and Debit Card: Terms of Use.

January 4, 2020


Every year, an increasing number of Russian residents use the functionality of online banks to store their funds, and the number of payment card holders is also growing. This trend is very natural, since it is much more convenient to carry out a range of operations on the Internet, receiving bonuses from the bank, than to stand in long lines. In this article, we propose to consider the promising product of Lendoff Bank – Triple.

Triple card is issued in two versions: credit and debit. By its essence, it carries favorable conditions for users of Lendoff Bank, especially travelers will like it. The fundamental feature of the card is that when calculating it, the holder is credited with a certain number of points. Their repayment is available on the Triple service.

This service has a tourist focus, with its help you can book a hotel or air travel. The calculation on the service occurs according to the principle: 1 bonus point – 1 ruble.

Credit card

Credit card

Triple credit card gives you the opportunity to get 2% bonuses to the owner. In addition, buying services using the service function can save as much as 5%, and when buying promotional offers, the discount rate can increase to 30%.

The credit card limit is 700,000 USD. Plus, if the owner wishes, you can issue an insurance policy on special conditions.

A credit card, in comparison with a debit card, allows you to accumulate points much faster. What distinguishes these cards is not the ability to receive bonus points on a credit card for the balance of funds, as well as in pricing for annual service.

Terms of use

The interest rate on the borrowed credit funds on the card varies in the range from 29.9 to 39.9%. If you want to withdraw money from the card, you will additionally have to pay the standard commission fee charged by all banks 2.9% +290 USD.

The minimum interest rate for debt repayment as of today is 6%. In addition, the bank sets a minimum of 600 USD (fixed).

In case of non-payment by the client of the payment terms, then penalties will certainly be imposed on him. The amount of the penalty will proportionally increase in the number of periods of non-payment. As a rule, unpaid interest is added to the amount of the fine.

The disadvantage of this card is its inability to preserve personal finances.

The list of conditions:

  • The limit on the card account is up to 700,000 USD.
  • Credit rate – up to 39.9% per year.
  • The grace period is 55 days.
  • The minimum loan payment is 6% (at least 600 USD).
  • Interest is accrued daily.


  • Maintenance for a year – 1900 USD.
  • Cash withdrawal – 2.9% of the amount + 290 USD.
  • SMS – bank – 60 USD.


  • Non-payment min. payment 1 time – 590 USD.
  • Default min. payment 2 times – 590 USD + 1%.
  • Not timely payment min. payment 3 times – 590 USD + 2%.

Mandatory conditions:

  • The age of a person who wants to get a card is from 18 to 70 years.
  • Registration.
  • Passport.
  • Registration.

Debit Card Benefits Set

Debit Card Benefits Set

Triple debit card gives you the opportunity to receive 2% bonuses by paying for tickets in the Triple environment. Plus, for the rest of the calculations, 1% is charged.

The main advantage of a debit card is providing the owner with a one-time bonus of 1000 USD.

Plus, a significant advantage of such a card account is the calculation of 14% per year of bonuses on funds placed on the card (if it is more than 500 000 USD). Triple service on its own charges 4% of the remaining amount with points.

Lendoff Bank holders of these cards, additionally provides:

  • Free cashing.
  • All types of banking are completely free.
  • Privileges for MasterCard users.

Why is a Lendoff credit card better than Juicia Business?

Why is a Lendoff credit card better than Elixir Business?

This is a card that also provides bonuses for the Juicia service. The main plus of Lendoff cards in comparison with Juicia:

  • Pricing for annual use. In Lendoff, the owner will have to pay 1,900 USD. and Juicia owners at the same time will deduct 2500 USD from the account.
  • The number of bonus points. When paying with Juicia, the owner will receive 1.5% and 2.5% bonuses. In Lendoff this indicator is higher and reaches the level of 5%.
  • Card loan rates are almost the same.

Differences of Triple from the All Airlines card

Differences of Triple from the All Airlines card

The set of conditions for these plastic cards is almost the same, but, nevertheless, certain discrepancies are present. Below are examples of these differences:

  • For the purchase of services on the partner site, both card accounts provide for receiving points in the amount of 5%.
  • Carrying out settlements on other Internet portals, All Airlines accumulates 3% of the amount spent, in turn, its analogue accumulates only 2 percent.
  • When booking a hotel or renting a car made on the service, Triple accrues 9% bonuses, and its analogue 10%.
  • The welcome bonus for the cards is the same and amounts to 1000 miles.

Advantages of Triple:

  • Providing a promotional code in the amount of 1000 USD.
  • Low cost of annual circulation.
  • Issue a card for free.
  • A card with an embedded chip is allowed.
  • The grace period is 55 days.

The fundamental difference between the two cards is the process of obtaining a ticket issued as a privilege. To redeem points and get a free ticket on All Airlines, you need to accumulate its full cost. Only this option works, as for the other card, you can buy a ticket using the bonus account with partial redemption.

A serious inconvenience in the process of issuing a ticket on the Triple service is the presence of additional fees for the exchange or refund of a previously purchased ticket. However, by paying a small fee, this option can be added to the cost immediately. Additionally, on this service there is no opportunity to purchase the so-called discounters. This type of ticket is available for purchase exclusively on the websites of air carriers.

What are Tripcoins?

What are Tripcoins?

This term is called the loyalty indicator, which gives its owner the opportunity to receive a certain number of bonuses, calculated on partner sites. Tripcoin – the measured part of the accrued points. According to our card, 1 tripcoin is equal to one ruble.

Lendoff issues these plastic cards in two options. Based on the typology of plastic, the number of accrued bonuses is determined, and the procedure for their accrual is regulated.

When paying by credit card in the network of partners you can get:

  • 5% of the ticket price.
  • 9% of the hotel room rental.
  • 9% for other calculations.

When calculating with a debit card, you can expect to receive:

  • 2% of the ticket price.
  • 9% of the hotel reservation.

The accrued number of tripcontents can be spent on reducing the cost of a hotel or air travel, or paying their full amount.

Upon initial activation of a card account, using the functionality of the loyalty program, the owner is given a discount on the promotional code for the initial purchase of 1000 USD. Plus, for holders of credit cards there is the possibility of issuing an insurance policy for travel. It covers damage in the amount of $ 50,000. The policy as well as the promotional code is sent by mail.

Where can I see the number of tripcoins?

All points accrued on the card, as well as the process and the amount of their transfer, as well as the generation of promotional codes, are available for viewing by means of your personal account.
In the office, the total number of accumulations and available tripcoins is displayed.

Terms of use

At the time of the transaction on the partner organization’s website, you should select the command with the use of bonuses in the menu. For the initial deduction of points, you need to collect – 500 tripcoins.

Using user-defined tripcoins using the LC functions, you can generate a promotional code for up to 10,000 USD. At the same time, one should not forget that when calculating for air tickets it is possible to use exclusively promotional codes, the face value of which is from 500 to 2000 USD.

The term of the user-generated promotional code is 30 days from the date of its formation.

Using the promotional code for the calculation, the user additionally receives 4% of the transaction turnover.



As a result, we can conclude that the Lendoff Triple plastic card is considered to be one of the best products of the bank on tourism topics. Making this card account gives you the opportunity to save real money when purchasing tourism products. In total, two types of Triple cards are issued: debit and credit. Bonus accrual differs from card type.

The advantage of this product lies in its variable use, both full and partial. At the same time, maintenance is very inexpensive. However, there are drawbacks: when purchasing tickets on a partner’s resource, an additional payment is required if you want to return the ticket.



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