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Ana de Armas defends herself from criticism for her work in ‘Blonde’

On September 28, Netflix presents “Blonde”, the biopic which chronicles the life of Marilyn Monroe. A film with Ana de Armas is her great opportunity to establish herself as an international actress. Despite the fact that the production has not yet been released, the truth is that the performer is already receiving several criticisms for his accent in the trailer. Many netizens consider her Cuban accent to undermine the truth of the story of the most famous blonde of all time.

Marilyn Monroe’s accent isn’t Ana de Armas’ focus

Far from being silent, Ana de Armas took her own defense in an interview for the fashion magazine ‘L’Officiel’ in France where the actress explains how the process she took to embody Marilyn Monroe went. “My job was not to imitate him,” she begins, specifying. “I was interested in her feelings, her background, her insecurities and her voice, in the sense that she didn’t really have one” She adds.

De Armas recounts how she prepared herself during the nine months leading up to the shoot with a dialect coach and studied in depth each of the artist’s gestures and identity signals. “Nine months of dialect learning, practice and a few sessions to master the accent. It was a great torture, very exhausting. My brain was fried, she says. Remember that ‘Blonde’ is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates dating from the year 2000.

Another controversy

“Blonde” not only arrives surrounded by countless criticisms of Ana de Armas’ accent, but also because of the rating that the Motion Picture Association of the United States has given to the film: that of ‘NC-18’, it is In other words, a film not recommended for those under 18 due to the inclusion of scenes with sexual content. A qualification with which Ana de Armas herself does not agree and made it known in her interview for ‘L’Officiel’.

“I didn’t understand why it happened. I can name you many series or movies that are much more explicit with much more sexual content than ‘Blonde’”, says the Cuban actress. “To tell this story, it’s important to show all those moments in Marilyn’s life that made her end the way she did. It had to be explained. Everyone in the cast knew we had to go to awkward places.

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