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Amy Childs has ‘painful chin liposuction’ as she talks about ‘surgery addiction’

Catching up with Amy Childs is always a treat, as the bubbly mom of two has remained down to earth since she shot to fame on TOWIE in 2010. Still, a lot has changed for Ames since those early days of reality hit. – and the star admits that life is no longer about vajazzs and parties at the Sugar Hut, but about family time and charitable causes.

“I’m still the same person. I am still very shy. But I’m a mom now, I’m older, wiser and grown up,” Amy explains. “I first did TOWIE when I was 19. I’m 32 this year.”

And as the star tells us about her new charity journey as creative director of the Jorja Foundation, notuh! must get the gossip about the new man in her life. Amy has been dating Billy Delbosq, 36, since last year and she seems genuinely in love with the First Dates star.

Amy Childs talks about her new charity role, motherhood and her new boyfriend Billy

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In fact, while Amy tells us Billy is great with his kids — Polly, four, and Ritchie, three, from previous relationships — she can’t hide the happiness in her voice. It’s nice to see our favorite honey in such a beautiful place.

Here, she talks about finding love, giving up surgery, and finally feeling content…

Hi Amy. You and Billy look so loved right now. How are things going?

It’s perfect. We get along so well. He’s amazing with kids and I’m very lucky – we both are!

You recently celebrated nine months together on social media, but in September you told us you were single… Can you clear up the confusion?

I met Bill pretty soon after I broke up with my ex. [Tim, who Amy broke up with in July 2021]. We didn’t date for a long time, but we were talking – we had a few mutual friends.

We’ve been counting since the day we met, but technically we haven’t officially been together that long. My life is still out there on social media and there are a few things I want to keep to myself – I wanted to get to know Billy first before posting.

Amy, Billy and Amy's daughter Polly at a recent premiere
Amy, Billy and Amy’s daughter Polly at a recent premiere

You said you felt confident enough with Billy to give up plastic surgery now?

Yes. I was so young after having surgery, I just feel like I’ve accepted myself now. I stopped Botox and do Pilates three times a week. Because I’m happy inside – Bill makes me so happy and my kids too – and I’m in such a good place, I just feel like I don’t need that anymore.

Before, it was all about image. Now that I’m a mom, all I care about is that my kids are okay and healthy. I can’t say I don’t dress up – I’m very glamorous and always have my hair blow-dried – but there’s more to life than lip fillers.

I was hooked – I was open about my surgery regrets and had massive regrets. Now I don’t, because I haven’t had an operation for a long time. I got a new set of veneers though.

And you had chin liposuction recently…

Yes. I was watching myself on TV and it was just a little cover art – I was like, ‘I don’t like this.’ When I saw the doctor, she told me that you could be the skinniest person in the world and still have that double chin. It was very painful. But in terms of the filling and the face change and that, I’m very happy with myself. I can’t even remember the last time I had Botox!

Amy says her kids and Billy make her so happy she feels confident
Amy says her kids and Billy make her so happy she feels confident

Do you worry about the pressure put on young girls like Polly as she gets older?

When Polly grows up, I’ll tell her everything. I have before and after photos of the lip fillers, and photos of when I had my boobs redone. I’m going to sit her down and say, “That’s what it is.”

I hope she says, “You know what, my mom did this and I’m not going to do this.” I’m going to talk to him about all this.

There is pressure now. You browse social media and think other people’s lives are perfect, but is it perfect? I think when you’re happy in yourself, that’s the most important thing. Since I met Bill, I feel so happy. I’ve always been happy, but now I’m also happy.

Amy says her Botox days are behind her
Amy says her Botox days are behind her

How is Polly – we saw she did a photo shoot with Base Childrenswear in Marrakech recently…

Yes. She was there living the dream and it was awesome. She really came out on her own. I just thought, “Where does that come from?” When I was four I wasn’t very confident, but Polly was so good on a shoot for the company a year and a half ago, and they wanted to use her again for their summer campaign. They took us all to Marrakech and it was the same – she owned it.

And how is Ritchie?

He’s all good. Ritchie is a little calmer and very much a mama’s boy – he’s so clingy to me. Whereas Polly is quite independent.

Amy found fame on TOWIE in 2010 and recently returned
Amy found fame on TOWIE in 2010 and recently returned

How does it feel to be a “momager” now and follow Polly?

I said to Bill this morning, “What was I doing before I had kids?!” This morning I was up at 6 a.m. packing lunch and taking Rich to daycare. I have no more free time. But I love being a mom – to me that’s the most amazing thing ever. It’s sometimes difficult but I love it, really.

Would you like more children?

I’ve always said never say never, but right now, working on the Jorja range and then launching my own prosecco, I’m literally everywhere. And then it’s full time with the children. I am not sure.

You returned to TOWIE in 2020 after a nine-year hiatus. What made you want to go back?

I got away from television a bit because I felt like I needed some time for myself. Then Ritchie’s father [Ritchie] and I broke up and reunited with Amy Childs – kind of lost her. I Filmed Celebs Go Dating [in 2020] then the time seemed right to return to TOWIE.

Eleven years ago I was on the show doing vajazz and spray tan, I was very young and my life was all about going to the Sugar Hut. Today, 10 years later, I am a mother. I am more of a mediator, someone who gives advice.

The star is now creative director at the Jorja Foundation
The star is now creative director at the Jorja Foundation

Will you be in the next series?

Yeah. We start filming in June. I love it. I don’t do theatre. There’s no one I don’t talk to – I film with everyone. I’m like the mother of the series. They will come to me and I will always give my opinion. Billy could join too.

Do you think Polly will go the showbiz route?

Polly will do what she wants to do. I would never push her to do anything. She does some filming on TOWIE. There was one time they wanted to make a scene with Polly and me, and she wasn’t up for it that day, she didn’t want to do it. So I was like, “You know what? Let’s not.

Do you keep in touch with the original cast members?

Sure. People think Brentwood and Loughton are big, but they really aren’t. You always hear what everyone is doing. Billie Faiers is next to me. I was at a premiere with Ferne McCann last week. Sunday goes to school in Brentwood and Polly is around the corner. They go to ballet on a Monday together now.

The star says Polly is a confident little girl
The star says Polly is a confident little girl

Tell us about your new position as Creative Director of the Jorja Foundation…

As a mom, Jorja Emerson’s story really touched me. She was born with an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality called a 1q43q44 deletion and at 10 months she started having seizures, to the point where doctors told her parents the best thing to do would be to take her home to die .

Her dad, Robin, went off and researched around the clock, and then someone suggested trying medical cannabis. They did, and since then Jorja has thrived.

Her life has completely changed and she no longer has seizures. I want other parents to know – it could save other lives.

And you also launched a range of CBD products…

Yes, I went to see Robin and he told me this story. I was crying. I met Jorja, she is so beautiful. We became such good friends and released this beautiful CBD range together. CBD is so popular right now.

I love the Soothing Cream and Bath Oil – the whole family can use them, even the kids. Profits are donated to the Jorja Foundation, which helps families going through the same thing.

To visit to learn more about the Jorja Foundation and to shop Amy’s line of CBD products

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