Wwhile it is conversastarting accessories, nothing sums it up current mood quite similar the highly anticipated Met Gala in New York in September. After a one-year hiatus, the event saw participants come back in force. And while the focus has been on looks that turn heads, I don’t think it’s wrong to say that this year the accessories, ranging from the wonderful to the bizarre, have gained more attention. . There was this bewitching Harris Reed and Dolce & Gabbana feather headdress modeled on the majestic Iman; the dazzling celestial headband on actor Emily Blunt (Miranda Priestly would certainly approve); the bold jeweled spider that draws attention to the Hunter Schafer model; and the metal face mask of Canadian singer Grimes, who also carried a sword in place of a purse.

While extravagant accessories like these usually exist just to go viral on social media or make an artistic statement, more wearable versions are released. pandemic revenge dressing all the more fun. Cheerful gems like Fry Power’s stacking ring and Robinson Pelham’s rainbow-hued Murano glass necklace are a quick and easy way to brighten and lighten our mood, while gigantic go-anywhere bags, like those from Marni and Tod’s, ensure that (unlike during lockdown) we don’t have to come home all day. And for next season, when we hope sweatpants and off-the-shoulder dresses are firmly behind us, you can expect everything from big bows to dramatic evening gloves, Art Nouveau sunglasses, headdresses. finely beaded and jewels of exaggerated proportions. One thing is clear: we failed to dress. So there you have it to make up for lost time.

Geraldine Hu

Influencer and jewelry collector

Singapore-based Geraldine Hu has been collecting jewelry and accessories since she was 16. Trained at Parsons School of Design, Gemological Institute of America and Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Hu created her Instagram account (@girl. With.a.diamond.earring) in 2019 as a creative outlet for document artfully stacked and superimposed. #Neckmess, #armcandy and #ringstack sets.

Jewels Jewels

“Colorful, happy and shiny jewelry can definitely lift morale, instill joy, induce dopamine, give hope and contribute to mental well-being. ”

Talismans and totems

“I’m attracted to evil eyes, especially Lito (@litofi nejewelry). With so much uncertainty in the world, a mythical form of spiritual strength and protection is especially reassuring.

Lust List

“Brent Neale Shell Pendants

(@brentnealejewelry). I am currently looking for ARM APPROVED Layer on layer of necklaces and stacks of arms inform Hu accessory style (@joannadahdah), Harwell Godfrey antique crescent or star pendant perfect to go with a chunky gold chain. I also love Maria Tash’s earrings (@mariatash) – I never take mine off.

The art of discovery

“Since creating my Instagram account, I have discovered countless brands that I would not have encountered otherwise, including Joanna Dahdah.

Tania Shroff

Fashion influencer

Tania Shroff’s love for fashion, 24, born in London and raised in Mumbai, dates back to her studies at the London College of Fashion. Today, the icon of the millennial style of the jet set combines his love of travel with fashion, taking his 177,000 subscribers on a tour of the world’s most elegant destinations.

Iconic style

“Bianca Jagger in the 1970s and 1980s she really knew how to dress and looked like she hadn’t tried too hard. Her masculine touches, like the way she accessorized hats and ties, have always been perfect. ”

Follow your mood

“My look is constantly evolving because it is based on my mood. It ranges from dramatic one-offs to something more subdued, depending on where I am in the world and how I felt when I was. Wakes up.”

Accessorize your accessories

“My phone is an important accessory and has its own (@harwellgodfrey) for fine jewelry, BaubleBar (@baublebar) and Roxanne Assoulin (@roxanneassoulin) for the fun stuff, Eliou (@eliou__) and Olivia Dar (@oliviadar). ”

Color me happy

“Wear what feels comfortable, looks like you and fits your routine. If in doubt, just add color. accessories. I love all of my handcrafted phone bracelets by String Tings (@string_ting). They are an easy way to add fun to a look.

Labels to love

“I recently collected crystal bracelets and love that they all represent a different source of energy and meaning. Other fun favorites include La Manso (@la_manso), Stinky Jewelz (@stinkyjewelz) and Juicy Chews rings (@juicychews) which are made from cast resin. I am obsessed with large jewelry that can be stacked together.

Basketball head

“Shoes have always been my go-to accessory, but I only collected the ones I liked, not the trendy ones everyone wanted. In In general, I find having a good shoe collection helps to complete any look.

It’s personal

“Fine jewelry is a timeless work of art and it can say a lot about a person’s personality. I don’t think I would buy or wear jewelry unless I really like it or feel it matches who I am.

Ana Correa

Shoes and accessories


The 35-year-old Parsons School of Design graduate was a trend forecasting strategist at WGSN, the global authority on consumers and design trends for over six years. A passionate about accessories, her essentials are stacked necklaces and straw bags.

Focus on call style

“I stopped wearing bold accessories for the height of the pandemic because she felt too many. But for online customer appointments, I have a little more “disguised”, which has always brought a feeling of excitement. For me it was clear lipstick, chunky earrings and a fun top.

Improve your mood

“There is an optimistic feeling that we are experiment globally by going back to real life events. People need an improvement in mood see. A childish aesthetic, bright colors and the nostalgic motives were particularly popular, like super trendy pearl necklaces which are mixed with colored beads and charms. This camp-chic trend was definitely very important during confinement, referring let’s go back to the jewelry we made when we were kids.

Never take it off

“Layered necklaces are my all-time favorite accessories, because they have such sentimental value and also convey your personality. I always wear three in timeless yellow gold in dainty, varying-length chains from New York jewelry brand Catbird (@catbirdnyc).

Those to change

“Some of the brands on my radar include Centinelle (@centinelle), a sustainable California-based brand of fun and timeless hand-drawn silk scarves, housewares, loungewear and hair accessories. Emi Jay (@emijayinc) from Los Angeles for some fun hair accessories. And Blackcurrant Pop (@blackcurrantpop), which defines itself as ‘classy elementary school’. In the most upscale spectrum, jewelry designer Bea Bongiasca (@beabongiasca), which redefines fine jewelry with new shapes and lively tones. For the bags, Danse Lente (@danselente_ offi cial), Cafuné (@ cafune.official) and Hiems Cor (@hiemscor). And finally, Marc Jacobs’ new project, titled Heaven by Marc Jacobs (@heavn), which brings back nostalgia for the late 90s and 2000s with classics like best-friend necklaces, chain belts and shoulder bags.

The next big thing

“The hair clip is a must have for young consumers, thanks to its Y2K style, practicality and because fashion influencers and models wear them. ”

Loaded nostalgia

Ana Correa returns to “Camp-chic” in crafts-oriented accessories.

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