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90-day fiancée Ariela accuses Biniyam of cheating on her

Major charges. Ariela Weinberg has serious concerns about what her fiancé, Biniyam Shibre, did while they were living apart.

Things hit a breaking point in the Sunday October 31 episode 90 day fiancé: the other way when the 30-year-old New Jersey native asked her partner why he didn’t answer when she called him.

Two months earlier, Ariela had moved to the United States so that the couple’s 22-month-old son Avi could undergo surgery while Biniyam, 32, remained in his native Ethiopia. While the couple were separated by an ocean, Ariela always received updates on her fiancé’s behavior via text messages from friends and family.

“You took the house I had and turned it into a party house,” Ariela said in a video chat with Biniyam. “You had daughters in my house. You have had all kinds of people. I don’t know who is sleeping in my bed, who is sleeping in me and in Avi’s bed. What you are doing is so shameful.

She went on to tell the musician that she would not be returning to Ethiopia once Avi finished recovering from her medical intervention. The family would move together to neighboring Kenya, or the couple would split up and start co-parenting Avi.

Biniyam accused her of making decisions without consulting him, and Ariela then confronted him about what exactly he was doing with his guests.

“You have spent the past two months destroying your family,” she said. “You no longer have a say. You haven’t sacrificed anything. God knows who you fucked and God knows what you did. And I don’t care, and I don’t even want to know. It’s a chance for you to redeem yourself. This is your last chance.

In a teaser for the next episode, the couple reunite in person to discuss their future, with Ariela falling apart at one point. “I am very sorry for you and the life you are going to have,” she said to Biniyam.

Earlier this year, the couple, who met in 2019, spoke to Us weekly about how they couldn’t decide where to have their upcoming nuptials. Biniyam wanted to have the ceremony in Ethiopia, but Ariela worried about the difficulties of moving her family to the United States.

“I want to show her an Ethiopian wedding, what it looks like”, the singer said We at the time. “My father’s side is very funny. My mother says it’s a different culture [with] a wedding ceremony. I want to show him – for Avi, for Avi’s family.

His fiancee replied, “I think maybe we need to talk about this one because that sounds like a lot.”

90 day fiancé: the other way Airs on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

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