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5 ways to style Ferragamo’s Trifolio bag, via a fashion editor

Ferragamo Trifolio bag with top handle. Credit: Ferragamo

Everything is in the bag for Salvatore Ferragamo. Now more than ever, what you wear on your shoulder should be a signature accessory that is versatile and can be paired with with any outfit, To wherever your post-containment social calendar takes you.

“It becomes part of you and your signature, rather than the other way around,” says GRAZIA Fashion Director Aileen Marr.

Ferragamo’s Trifolio bag – which comes in four styles; a shoulder bag, a top handle, a mini and a tote – is a classic bullion coin. Below, Marr shows you five ways to style the Trifolio bag, from a Distraught-the version inspired by the accessory, up to the making of a case for an accompaniment in a mini version.


Pair the Trifolio bag like in the 90s with a daytime outfit consisting of jeans and a cropped Bella Hadid-style t-shirt as a statement in its own right. “The monogram is definitely very current,” says Marr. “It’s a new take on the look of the 90s, of logomania. It is less garish and obvious. A bag like this is cool because you can be cool as a statement, to break up a neutral, everyday outfit.

Trifolio FerragamoFerragamo Trifolio Shoulder Bag, Beige / Black, $ 2,550 BUY NOW


Pair the Trifolio shoulder bag in the Gancini pattern by Ferragamo – introduced by the brand in 2019 – in jacquard fabric, with a printed shoe. “Let it be the accents,” advises Marr. “Worn this way, it has a ’60s and’ 70s style, Belle of the Day-ish, ”Marr says. “It’s a very elegant use of the Ferragamo logo and it’s timeless in that regard. “


Made in Italy from semi-shiny calfskin, the Trifolio shoulder bag comes in several colourways, including a pastel shade dubbed “cheerleader pink,” which wouldn’t look out of place on the Alicia Silverstone’s. Cher era at a party in Beverly Hills. “The pastels are huge,” says Marr. “I think they refresh the neutrals that are there, that we’ve had season after season. A little pink is more of a statement than leaning naturally towards a black bag. It helps to update whatever you wear. You could go Distraught with a pretty little dress or an outfit resembling a suit.


Add the Trifolio in “Astronaut White” or the aforementioned “Cheerleader Pink” with a summer blazer and breezy pants for the office. “You can go for a classic white or all-black pantsuit like Brooke Shields below. What the actress could have done is put the pink trifolio in there, and let it be just ‘that’, ”says Marr. “It would make the whole thing more contemporary.”


Playing on the micro-bag trend, here is Ferragamo’s smaller Trifolio, the mini-bag – in black, “footballer blue” and “cheerleader pink” – and it’s really practical. “The mini-bags are there: thanks to the iPhone, we don’t need (to carry) much, we just need our keys, our phone and our lips,” says Marr. “Unless you are carrying everything, you might need something a little bigger – for the office. Whatever size suits your life and style, the Ferragamo Trifolio has a classic shape to suit any accessory wardrobe. “He’s got this statement ring clasp, it’ll never really come out because it’s timeless and chic. Ferragamo still has that appeal.

Shop the styles of Trifolio bags from Ferragamo below. More colors at their website.

Trifolio FerragamoFerragamo Trifolio Shoulder Bag, Cheerleader Pink $ 2690 BUY NOW

Trifolio FerragamoFerragamo Trifolio top handle, small, chambray, $ 3,290 BUY NOW

Trifolio FerragamoFerragamo Trifolio Tote Bag, Black $ 3,290 BUY NOW

Trifolio FerragamoFerragamo Trifolio Minibag, Footballer Blue, $ 1,150 BUY NOW

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